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Switch your fibre to RSAWEB & get up to R1000 off in credit.*

Fibre network operator dependent. Area dependent. Available on specific packages. T&Cs apply.*


Network Providers are area dependant. Please check availability for your address to see who you are covered with.

Terms and Conditions

View Full Terms and Conditions Here.

COVID-19 Disclaimer

RSAWEB and its telecommunications partners have been identified as an essential service provider and will be operational during the lockdown. During the lockdown period and foreseeable future, all new and pending orders are being processed as normal however, installation dates may be subject to change due to delays as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. At this point in time, only critical installations for business and services are likely to be prioritised. Please note, during the lockdown period, onsite support is limited: only issues deemed as critical will be considered for onsite support. We are working closely with the Fibre operators to come to a conclusion on this matter and will provide you with further information on this topic as soon as it is made available to us.


Limited Price Discount on Monthly Fibre Services
From 1 April 2021, specific fibre services have reduced monthly service fees. These products at discounted monthly recurring services fees are only available to new RSAWEB customers and new orders. Existing RSAWEB customers cannot downgrade, upgrade, or cancel and re-order Fibre for their existing address in order to receive these discounted prices. RSAWEB reserves the right to amend or terminate the discount without any notice.

  • General Terms
    All packages are for residential signups only. Businesses, unfortunately, cannot sign up for these packages. We commit to keeping our coverage data as accurate as possible, but we are reliant on the maps that are given to us by the Fibre Network Operators which could result in slight inaccuracies at times. Installation fees and line rental fees are prescribed by the Fibre Network Operators (FNO). Pricing can change if mandated by the FNO, RSAWEB will always provide 1 (one) months’ notice to advise of any price changes. View Full Terms and Conditions Here.
  • Installation Time
    The standard installation time for Metrofibre Network (MFN) is about 2-4 weeks, for live buildings in live areas. Installation times are not guaranteed.
  • Set-Up Fees
    RSAWEB Covers this fee on your behalf if you cancel or are suspended due to non-payment this fee will be clawed back. The installation fee covers the first 15 meters, MFN then charges you R180-R220 per meter thereafter (They will first quote you, and only upon acceptance of quotation will they proceed with the work). The 15 meters is only if you require trenching in your property and this is 15 meters birds-eye-view irrelevant of the route taken.
  • Cancellation Fees
    If you cancel within 12 months of going live, you are liable to pay the R1 150 Installation fee plus a connection fee of R575. The installation fee does not apply if you already have a fibre line installed that is not damaged and still active, however, the connection fee will still be applicable upon cancellation. One calendar month notice period is needed for the cancellation of your services. Please note you are responsible for canceling your existing services such as ADSL or fibre with another provider (if applicable) when signing up with RSAWEB. All cancellations must go to [email protected] to be processed. You will receive a cancellation form to complete accepting any relevant T’s and C’s, cancellations will be accepted upon completion of this process.
  • Moving Your Fibre Service
    Moving home is treated as a cancellation as your ONT cannot be moved and is fixed to the premises. Should the next tenant take over your service, we will transfer the service at no cost to you. Contact [email protected] if this is the case. If you have been an RSAWEB client for less than your contract term and resume your service at your new home, you will not pay a cancellation fee and the remainder of your previous contract will be added to your new contract. If the provider considers moving an ONT box or fibre line for any reason as a re-installation, a fee of R1725 will be charged.
  • Router Rental
    The router is free to use but remains the property of RSAWEB for the duration of your service. We fully insure your free-to-use router, so in the event of accidental damage or theft, we will replace it (T’s&C’s Apply*). Should you cancel within 12 months, the router can be purchased for the retail value of the router or returned to RSAWEB in its original condition. Please include your name and RSAWEB customer code when returning your router. If we do not receive your router within the 10-day router-return period, you will be billed for it, and it will become your own. The router will no longer be insured by RSAWEB, and we will not accept responsibility for any damage or defaults. No router returns will be accepted any later than 10 days after your account was deactivated. All courier costs involved in returning the router are for your own account. You will be charged the original retail value of the router. Please ensure that the LAN cable, power cable and anything else included in the router box is returned, as you can be billed for any missing items. RSAWEB routers are recycled, as part of our effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we refurbish our pre-owned routers. Rest assured that it has been cleaned, checked, and restored to “good as new” status.
  • Free Wi-Fi Assessment
    Please note, during the lockdown period, onsite support is limited. Only issues deemed as critical will be considered for onsite support. Onsite support for critical issues is at the sole discretion of RSAWEB and only available in Cape Town and Johannesburg areas. For remote support please contact us on 087 4700 000 or email [email protected].
  • Referral Program
    You can only refer up to 5 friends. You only receive your credit when your friends sign up and get connected. The referral program is only applicable for Fibre to the Home Referrals
    1 GB free data does not roll over to the next month, but you can top this up on MYRSAWEB or by logging a ticket by emailing [email protected].
  • If you cancel your fibre internet services with RSAWEB within 12 months of the service going live, you are liable to pay back the value of the promotional offer received when signing up with RSAWEB.

View Full Terms and Conditions Here.


Our home fibre (FTTH) service offers you high speed internet at a low cost. Enjoy a whole new way of streaming music, movies, Skype and gaming. Not only do we ensure you get the speed you pay for, but it stays reliably fast – even during peak times. Blazing fast connectivity without breaking the bank!


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  • How long will it take to get the service activated at my new place?

    This would depend on whether it’s a new or existing installation and which FNO it is. See our timelines below;

    Octotel Standard Turn Around Times = 2-4 weeks (new installation) / 1 – 3 business days (existing installation activation)
    Vumatel Standard Turn Around Times = 2-4 weeks (new installation) / 1 – 3 business days (existing installation activation)
    Frogfoot Standard Turn Around Times = 2-3 weeks (new installation) / 1 – 3 business days (existing installation activation)
    Openserve Standard Turn Around Times = 4-6 weeks (new installation) / 1 – 5 business days (existing installation activation)
    SADV Standard Turn Around Times = 2 weeks (new installation and activations)
    Century City Connect Standard Turn Around Times = 2 weeks (new installation and activations)
    Metro Fibre Network Standard Turn Around Times = 2-6 weeks (new installation) / 1 – 3 business days (existing installation activation)
    Lightstruck Standard Turn Around Times = 2-4 weeks (new installation) / 1 – 5 business days (existing installation activation)
    Fibre Geeks Standard Turn Around Times = 5-7 business days (new installation and activations)
    Fixed LTE Standard Turn Around Times = 5- 7 business days

  • How many times can I move month's over?

    You can only move your months over once. Remember, you only need to move months over if you have had the service for less than 12 months. So if you move within 12 months- you can carry the remaining months over to the new service. So if you had the service for 6 months- at your new home, your contract terms would be the previous 12 months and the new 6 months (18 months). If you move again within the 18 months you will need to pay the clawback fees owed as we cannot move the months over again. If you manage to cede your service though to the new tenant you will not need to carry over any months and your new service starts with the normal 12-month clawback.

  • What happens to the service I have in my current home?

    This service is cancelled unless the tenant moving in wants to take over your service. In this case, we do what’s called a cession of service where we change the service and billing from your account to theirs. This means that the person taking over your service takes over your contract as it stands including the months remaining on your account and you will start with a brand new contract at your new location with no months to carry over! At the moment we are running a special where if you are moving and taking a service at your new location and you cede your existing service we will credit both your account; and the person taking over your service; with R250 each!

  • What equipment must I take with me when I move?

    You only need to take your router with you NOT the ONT or the cable attaching the ONT to the router(see image below). The images below is for presentation purposes only.ONT`s differ according to Fibre Network Operators (FNO), see the different ONTs for each FNO.






    Vuma Village



  • Why is moving considered a cancellation?

    Unfortunately, fibre is static and cannot be moved. The reason for this is that in order to get fibre into your home an installation has to be scheduled with the relevant fibre network operator in your area. So even if you take the fibre equipment with you- we would still need to place an order with the relevant fibre network operator to connect it to the boundary box and then provision and activate your line. This means that RSAWEB will be charged either the installation fee at the new property if it’s a new installation OR a connection fee if there was previously an installation into your new home. This also means that we still need to cancel your service at your previous home otherwise we will continue to be billed for it (and in turn would need to bill you). Often you are also moving from one Fibre Network Operator to another (for example from an area that has Vumatel to an area that has Frogfoot) so this means that it’s a completely different company from the previous one you had.

  • What’s the difference between 5 GHz WiFi and 2.4 GHz WiFi?

    In a nutshell, 5 GHz WiFi can support speeds of up to 1300 Mbps, while 2.4GHZ WiFi can support speeds anywhere between 150 Mbps and 600 Mbps. This means that that 5 GHz WiFi can help us get faster speeds when connecting online, but it is also important to remember that reaching these high-speed thresholds, for both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz, is completely reliant on the capabilities of the router being used 

  • Can I upgrade, downgrade or cancel?

    Upgrades are effective within 3 days of receiving your upgrade request. 

    Downgrades are effective on the 1st of the new month (if you downgrade before the 20th, otherwise it will only be effective the next month).

    To Cancel – we need just one calendar month’s notice.

  • When will I start paying?

    You only pay once the installation to your home has been completed and you have received your free-to-use router.

  • When will I receive my router?

    If you need to get a new Fibre line installed, your router will only be delivered once we receive an installation confirmation from the Fibre provider. If you already have Fibre installed, your router will be dispatched at the time of your order.

  • Are your fibre packages shaped?

    No, all our Fibre packages are uncapped, unshaped and unthrottled. There are no usage thresholds so you can use as much data as you like, whenever you like. No throttling or shaping will be applied.




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