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As a small business owner, you shouldn’t have to worry about your internet connection, phone solution, or the security of your data. You have bigger things on your plate – like how you’re going to get customers, selling and making a profit! That’s where we come in; making sure things run smoothly with our scalable small start-up solutions and our dedicated support team – taking a huge weight off your shoulders, putting your mind at ease, and allowing you to concentrate on making your business a success.  (more…)

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Smart TVs are becoming ever-present in our homes these days and it can be really frustrating when they do not connect to the internet. This can get in the way of you binging your favourite Netflix shows or streaming music.  

In this piece, we will provide you with solutions to solve most Smart TV connectivity issues, as well as provide you with the reasons behind why the WiFi feature on your TV might be malfunctioning.  (more…)

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These days, we rely on being online more than ever beforeWe have more devices connected to the internet in our homes, more people (roommates or family members) needing to fulfil their online streaming, gaming and entertainment needs, and we are now finding it imperative that we’re able to send and receive large work files to meet our tight deadlines for work. To stay on top of these new needs, we need to make sure that we have fast enough Fibre packages – it might just be the perfect time to upgrade your Fibre speeds!  (more…)

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Betway have partnered with the Gary Kirsten Foundation to assist with the development of coaches from Khayelitsha township in the Western Cape in a 2-day event as part of the betting provider’s #BetwayCares Skills Hub initiative. 

RSAWEB is proud to provide free connectivity for the staff and coaches so that the #BetwayCares Skills Hub initiative can run smoothly and can uplift the community during these challenging times.   (more…)

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Even though we’d hoped that it would be back to business as usual by now – we have, as a country, we are forming a work-from-home and work from office hybrid routine, or as we like to call it, Work From Anywhere. Businesses have opted to keep their staff working remotely, some or all of the time, and studies are showing this comes with some great benefits, such as a reduced commute time. 

If your company has been adapting to the new “Work From Anywhere” trend, then read on to learn about how RSAWEB’s mobile management portal has helped our customers save up to 50% of their data, and how we can keep your mobile team connected and enjoy the same benefits. 


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The Internet of Things, or IoT for short, is a technology designed to enable access to real-time data from a network of physical devices – referred to as “things”. These devices are embedded with software, sensors and other technologies. They range from common objects like door and window contacts, to multi-function sensors that are constantly collecting and transmitting data. This data is typically visualised online with a management and analytics tool that makes the data useful. In domesticcommercial and industrial environments, being able to access and respond to real-time data and alerts from IoT devices provides significant benefits like improved health & safety, compliance, increased productivity, reduced risk, and much more.   (more…)

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