Tips to protect yourself against online scams

By : Ntombi Mlangeni | May 24, 2022 | Blog

Tips to protect yourself against online scams

May 24, 2022

Fraudsters use online competitions, amazing prizes and names of company’s which you purchase products and services from as part of a scam. It’s important to find out how these scams work and the simple steps you can take to stay safe. RSAWEB promotes a safe online space for all our customers and we continue to strive for the best customer experience.


Here are helpful tips to keep you and your loved ones safe online


1. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is
If you receive an unexpected message about potentially winning a prize, chances are it may be fraudulent. If you have any doubts, don’t proceed with any given instructions.


2. Do not click on website links you do not trust
Even if it comes from a friend or a family member, it could still potentially be a scam. Look carefully at the web address to make sure it’s spelt correctly. If you’re not sure, type it directly into the browser bar at the top of your screen. A secure site will also have https:// at the start of its address. But remember, these do not mean a site is genuine. A scam link can take you to a fake site or a pop-up where you’re asked to enter personal details. Fraudsters can use your details to try to scam you in the future. Only click on a link or a pop-up from a source you trust.


3. Do not give out your personal information
When asked for your address or contact details, ask yourself – do you trust the source? Never give out your bank account details. Be careful if you’re asked to log on to your social media account as this could give away personal details which could be used to steal your identity. Also, keep your passwords private at all times.


4. Don’t send money for a prize
If a message or call asks you to send money for a prize you’ve won in a competition, it’s a scam. You never have to send money to receive a genuine prize.


What a promotion from RSAWEB will and will not have:


RSAWEB will:

  • Display the RSAWEB logo.


  • Our website links will only ever direct you to


  • If you receive an email from RSAWEB it will always be from an or .net email address. If the email address looks unrecognisable, has a different name or weird characters then it is a scam, do not open it.


RSAWEB will not:

  • Will never ask for your banking details.
  • Will never ask for your social media or any other login details.
  • Will never ask you to pay a fee to claim a prize you have supposedly won or to improve your chance of winning.

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