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Enable your staff to work from home with a fast, affordable and easy-to-setup solution like Fixed LTE. All your staff will need to work from home is a router and a SIM card - It's that easy. Promote productivity and streamline procedures with this connectivity solution today.


Allow your business to harness the power of 4G and all the benefits that come with it like high speeds, reliable network partners, ubiquitous coverage, quick deployment, flexibility depending on your business needs, and effortless setup.


Fail-over solutuion

Provide remote working solutions for employees

Online portal allows you to monitor how much data is on each SIM and you are able to load airtime instantly

Speeds up to 150Mbps

Month-to-month contract terms

Quick & easy setup


  • “the slickness and speed of the services are quite obvious, with quick turnaround and agile solutions.”

    - 2OceansVibe


  • Can I upgrade, downgrade or cancel?

    Upgrades are effective within 3 days of receiving your upgrade request.

    Downgrades are effective on the 1st of the new month (if you downgrade before the 20th, otherwise it will only be effective the next month)

    To Cancel – we need just one calendar month’s notice.

  • When will I start paying?

    You only pay once the SIM Card and router (if applicable) are delivered to your home and have been activated.

  • Must I pay a set-up fee?

    No, RSAWEB covers this on your behalf. T’s and C’s apply.

  • When will I get my router?

    Your router will be delivered within 7-10 working days.

  • What router can I use with MTN Fixed LTE?

    Only approved CAT6 devices will work on the MTN Fixed LTE network. Inserting the new SIM card into another (CAT4) device will not work and you will need to contact our support team to unlock the SIM.

    Approved CAT6 devices:

    • HUAWEI B612
    • HUAWEI B618
    • ZTE MF286 C
  • Does this offer include a SIM card and router?

    Depending on the MTN package you choose and the compatibility of your existing router, you will either receive a new SIM card or a new SIM card and a new router.


    I have an MTN compatible device:

    HUAWEI B612, HUAWEI B618 and ZTE MF286 C are compatible routers.
    You will receive a new MTN SIM card. All you need to do is insert the new SIM card into your existing LTE device.


    I do not have an MTN compatible device:

    You will receive a new MTN SIM card and a new router. All you need to do is insert the new SIM card into your new LTE device. Please note that depending on the MTN LTE package that you choose, your new router may need to be paid for upfront and in full or a rental router which is paid for monthly.

  • Can I top up my data?

    Yes, you can top-up your data at any time using the MyRSAWEB online portal or mobile app, available for download from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

    Top-ups are paid at the time of purchase via Credit Card or Instant EFT of existing account credit. Top-ups roll over for one month. Unused anytime data carries over for 60 days. Night time data expires at month-end.

  • Do you have month to month packages?

    Yes, we do offer month-to-month packages. Should you cancel your contract within the first 12 months you will be liable for the setup fee.

  • How long will it take for me to be connected?

    The activation of your new MTN LTE SIM will take up to 24 hours to activate from the time the SIM is inserted into the device.

  • Is there a cancellation fee?

    Should you cancel your service (or fall into a suspended state for longer than 30 days) within the first 12 months of activation we will clawback any installation and/or connection fees that were subsidised by RSAWEB when you signed up.

    All our LTE packages are month-to-month, so you only need to give one calendar month’s notice in order to cancel your service.

    Free-to-Use Routers are exactly that – free to use for as long as you are with RSAWEB and using the relevant service. Should you cancel your service, the router can be purchased from RSAWEB at R1455, or you may return it to us in its original condition and in its original packaging.


    • You will have 10 days from the time your service is deactivated (turned off at the end of your months’ notice) to return the router to our offices.
    • We will send you a reminder on day 5 if we have not yet received your router.
    • If we do not receive your router back from you within the 10-day router-return period, you will be billed for it, and it will become your own.
    • Remember to include your name and RSAWEB customer code when returning your router.
    • No router returns will be accepted after 10 days have elapsed from the time that your account was deactivated.
    • All courier costs involved in returning the router are for your own account.
    • You will be charged the original retail value of the router.
    • When your router becomes your property it will no longer be insured by RSAWEB, and we will not accept responsibility for any damage or defaults to the router.


  • What if my area isn’t covered by Fixed LTE?

    We rely on our Fixed LTE Network Operator (MTN) to roll out LTE across South Africa. Use the Coverage Tool and choose the notify me option and we will keep you informed of any updates. Alternatively, check out our ADSL or Fibre (FTTH) options.

  • Is this a RICA product?

    Yes, this is a RICA product. ID and proof of address that is less than three months old is needed for our records as well as on the day the contract holder will need to receive the parcel and provide the proof of residence and ID on our records. Credit Checks Apply.


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