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    Our Data Centres.

RSAWEB’s purpose built and fully owned Data Centres brings international standard data centre environments to South Africa. Our Data Centres do not only meet international standards, but also provide around the clock, hands-on Technical Assistance teams for all clients.

RSAWEB operates two Data Centres in Cape Town and maintains two POP’s (Point of Presence) in Johannesburg, one in Durban and one in London. We even have infrastructure hosted in Texas, USA.

Our goal is to bring truly World-class Data Centre facilities to the South African market.

Clients can enjoy on-demand IT Infrastructure backed by complete redundancy in power, HVAC, fire suppression, network connectivity, and security – all in a completely controlled environment.

For businesses looking to expand into prime data real-estate at affordable prices, this is it.

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Data Centre Services

Services hosted in our Data Centre.

Data Centre

A look at our state of the art Data Centre located in Cape Town.

MPLS Cloud Network

The RSAWEB network uses the same infrastructure that many of South Africa's largest corporations put their trust in.

Our MPLS Network is a Tier 1 high speed fibre network that connects our data centres and POP's locally and internationally. The core network runs over our collision free multi-routed environment. RSAWEB peers with all ISP's locally and internationally at CINX, JINX and LINX. Our commitment to eliminating downtime ensures that RSAWEB Network Engineers are constantly monitoring our infrastructure to guarantee clients get the best possible experience.

Cloud Network

Our Cloud Network has Data Centres in Cape Town, two POP’s in Johannesburg, one in Durban and one in London, giving your business all of the benefits of a secure local network without the costs of having to manage, maintain or upgrade it yourself.

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