RSAWEB provides FREE WiFi connectivity to new moms stuck in neonatal wards.

By : Christopher Wray | June 14, 2020 | Blog

RSAWEB provides FREE WiFi connectivity to new moms stuck in neonatal wards.

June 14, 2020

If you will for a minute, imagine having a child during our country’s mandatory lockdown, and not being able to share the joyous occasion with your loved ones. Now stop imagining and start empathising, because this is a reality for many women stuck in neonatal wards in hospitals around the country. 


RSAWEB’s Uplifting Mission 

With this in mind; one company made it their uplifting mission to provide free internet connectivity for maternity patients and staff in neonatal wards across the country – starting in Groote Schuur Hospital’s neonatal ward. This company is RSAWEB. 

In conjunction with the Newborns Groote Schuur Trust, RSAWEB are helping introduce distressed fathers to their newborns, and are keeping these strong mothers connected with their friends and families with fast and reliable WiFi. With free connectivity at their fingertips, these moms are now able to share every moment of their newborns’ lives through video calls and instant messages with their loved ones.   

Education’s At Their Core 

On top of staying connected, these mothers are also now able to access an extensive array of rich and educational online courses that will run them through the basics of newborn care, and teach them all they need to know about caring for their little bundles of joy. These courses include lessons on ‘How to change a diaper’ and ‘How to properly breastfeed’ – among many others. 

Helping Mums Save For Essentials 

A massive problem that these new mothers were facing lay in the fact that they were spending a fortune on data costs in order to stay connected to their loved ones, and the reality is that they were spending money that they simply don’t have. They would much rather be spending this money on essentials for their newborns like clothes, diapers, blankets and toiletries. The free WiFi connectivity provided by RSAWEB helped these mothers save money for the baby essentials their newborns needed. 

#InItTogether Since 2015 

Through their founder’s desire to educate and empower people, RSAWEB have been providing free connectivity to hospitals, schools and other social projects since 2015. They believe whole-heartedly that by connecting learners, they’re able to easily supply them with high-quality learning material and teaching resources. 

A project that lies close to their hearts saw them join forces with the Gary Kirsten Foundation to provide the Cricket Centre of Excellence at Chris Hani Secondary School in Khayelitsha with free connectivity. The free internet connectivity allowed all the staff and coaches at the centre to continue doing great work and shaping our future Proteas of tomorrowwithout having to worry about slow connectivity. 

The Ramp Foundation: 

This special project, and all of RSAWEB’s other social projects, are run through RSAWEB’s social impact and non-profit organisation – The RAMP Foundation. Please help by donating what you can to RSAWEB’s #InItTogether fundraising effort so that they can connect those who need the internet the most.  

You can make a donation to the initiative by visiting and clicking on the ‘Donate Now’ button. 




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