Where to find your circuit number and ONT

By : Karli Dürr | September 07, 2022 | Blog

Where to find your circuit number and ONT

September 07, 2022

If you already have a fibre line installed on your property or you’re switching from a different internet service provider (ISP) to RSAWEB, you need to provide us with your circuit number and a photo of the installed optical network terminal (ONT).

What is a circuit number and where do you find it?

If you have an existing fibre line, your circuit number is the reference number that links your fibre connection to your address. Below you’ll see where to find your circuit number based on your current fibre network provider.

What is an ONT and where do you find it?

An ONT is an optical network terminal device that connects the fibre line installed outside your house, to your modem. The ONT number can be found on the installed device. This is usually a white box mounted on your wall that connects through to your router.

Here are examples of an ONT:

Frogfoot ONT

Octotel ONT

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