5 reasons why you should get fibre to the home

By : Karli Dürr | August 16, 2022 | Blog

5 reasons why you should get fibre to the home

August 16, 2022

In the digital era, having internet connectivity has become a necessity. Many South Africans work remotely or study online and need a stable, reliable connection. On the entertainment side, you want a buffer-free connection when streaming videos or shows, playing online games or connecting to social media via your smartphone.

As South Africa’s best-rated internet service provider, RSAWEB knows the value of being connected to perform the online activities you enjoy most. Our fibre to the home (FTTH) deals are highly affordable and combined with exceptional customer service to give you the ultimate online experience.

If you don’t have fibre yet, here are five reasons why you should get FTTH today, no matter what your digital lifestyle needs are.


1. Super-fast line speeds

Super fast line speeds

Fibre offers what everyone wants ─ a real-time, uncapped, unthrottled online experience. Fibre harnesses the speed of light through glass tubes as thin as a human hair to create symmetrical download and upload speeds of up to 1000/1000Mbps without decreases in speed during peak hours or after using a certain amount of data.

Whether downloading data by streaming series and surfing the web or uploading data through playing games and sending emails, fibre enhances any home lifestyle with a super-fast, buffer-free online experience.  


2. An eco-friendly approach

An eco friendly approach

With global warming being a daunting reality, fibre is a sustainable internet solution. It leaves a minimal ecological footprint, reduces waste, consumes very little energy, and helps decrease greenhouse gas emissions. Fibre is more durable in harsh weather and has a lifespan of several decades, leading to fewer resources required for maintenance and repairs over time.


3. Heavenly home entertainment

Heavenly home entertainment

Every household has different connectivity needs based on the number of devices you want to connect, and the amount of data regularly used. From smartphones and smart TVs to computers and tablets ─ any of these devices can be connected for work, education, entertainment viewing or gaming purposes.

Because fibre is uncapped and unthrottled, your online experience will not be hampered by connecting multiple devices and using them simultaneously.

Fibre is also the ideal solution to online gameplay because it has lower latency. Latency is the millisecond delay when data travels from your device to the game hosting server, and it should be low to prevent in-game lagging.


4. 99.9% uptime

99.9% uptime

When comparing fibre to previous internet infrastructures, it has significantly higher reliability with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime. The nature of the fibre cables allows for data to be transmitted over longer distances without damping the speed or signal.

Fibre is more insulated against outside interference, such as electromagnetic or radio interference, making the signal more secure and reliable.

Although fibre might seem more fragile, the lines can withstand incredible pressure. And because it’s buried underground, fibre is more durable and not exposed to damage or theft.


5. Future-proof connectivity

Future-proof connectivity

The amount of data consumed is increasing rapidly, causing a higher demand for reliable connectivity. Because the fibre-optic cabling infrastructure has unlimited bandwidth and can span long distances, it will be able to handle future technological inventions.

Connecting your home to fibre will ensure your household’s digital activities can continue at future speeds without replacing the cabling in a few years’ time.


Get FTTH today

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