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We’re pleased to announce that we’re one of the sponsors of an awesome initiative called #CloseTheTap – from the people at for love of water.

This online campaign, launched yesterday – 22nd March (UN”s World Water Day) encourages users to be aware of the water wastage associated with everyday scenarios, such as ordering that extra cup of coffee you don’t really need.  The slick, socially optimised site warns users of the things we do everyday that wastes precious  water, and prompts us to be more water-aware in our every day actions, such as the tongue-in-cheek pledge  ‘showering with a sexy someone’.

The campaign #CloseTheTap is essentially a digital initiative inspiring real world action – visit the site www.closethetap.co.za choose a water saving pledge, and share it via your social media channels.  We’re involved by sponsoring the live streaming of the ‘FlowCam’ which monitores twitter, and with every tweet, tightens the tap slightly – with the end goal of closing the tap completely with 10,000 tweets . (Pretty clever stuff!)  Note: the water used is in a closed system, re-cycling all of the water used – so no worries there!

The campaign anatomy was developed by the good folks and clever minds over at NATIVE, one of South Africa’s leading digital agencies, who are also one of our enterprise hosting clients. The campaign has been an overnight success – with over 1,600 tweets already! If you want to get involved you can do so by visiting the site and making your pledge or following the guys on twitter.

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Isn’t it great getting something awesome for nothing?

Everyone loves freebies – that’s why we let our customers try out our 7 day obligation free Cloud Hosting packages for 7 days for absolutely nothing! Adding more awesome to this already great deal – we’ve also just improved what you can get when you take us up on our cloud trial offer.Below, see the upgrades we’ve made to the Cloud trial offer.  FYI: – this is a limited period only! (So sign up…now!)

The new trial product is identical to the actual cloud server you’ll get if you sign up with us – and the value of the 7 day free trial is R995* If this sounds good to you – simply visit our site or click here – and chat to a consultant to sign up for a free trial – we won’t take any billing information from you, and there is absolutely no commitment to sign up permanently.

Cloud Trial Terms and Conditions: …( yes, we know… there’s always those pesky T’s and C’s in life)

  1. You can only sign up once for the free trial, and we track your IP, so we’ll know if you sign up more than once.
  2. If you really like it, we can re-activate you for a new trial

As always, if you have any feedback on how we could improve our offer, please drop us a line at:[email protected]

(*based on the operating system selected and taking the server for a full month)

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We know that managing domains across different ISP’s can be a nightmare – wouldn’t it be great if there was a straightforward and simple way to manage your domains and register new ones? Well – we’ve now added a new feature to the MyRSAWEB control panel that allows you to do just that!

Below is a breakdown of what our new and improved system allows you to do:

  1. Check multiple domain’s availability using 1 simple tool
  2. You can even upload a CSV file of domains and we’ll check if they are available or not!
  3. Register multiple domains for hosting in 1 simple step.
  4. Transfer multiple domains or domain hosting to us from other ISP’s in one step.

FAQ’s about Hosting and Ordering System:

Question: How many domains can I register at the same time? 

Answer: You can register up to 300 domains at one time, however we suggest you register batches of up to 100 at a time, of course if you just want to register a few, that’s also fine with us.

Question: If I am moving from another hosting company, how easy is it? 

Answer: It’s straightforward, we handle the domain migration and hosting on our side, you just need to handle the transfer of your website files to the new package.

 To find out more, and give this handy new tool a try – log in to the MyRSAWEB control panel and navigate to ‘Order Hosting’.

As always, your feedback means we can improve our products and services, so if you have any, drop us a line at [email protected]  or call us on 0891 772 032, we’re also available for online chat!


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It was late Thursday afternoon when Ash and I decided to change our flights from a 6am Friday morning flight to an early afternoon flight on Friday. I was determined to get to Buffelspoort dam on Friday morning to be able to ride the bike route and get a feel for it. Ash on the other hand wanted the much-needed sleep on Friday morning as well as an easy spin in Cape Town before catching our flight to Johannesburg. Looking back now, I realize how experienced Ash is with these sorts of pre race situations and how narrow-minded I can be at times. Changing our flight to a later time was certainly the right decision, as one was not allowed to see the bike leg in advance.

The start of the Totalsport Buffespoort Xterra was only at 9:30am on Saturday morning. This gave us some extra time to sleep in and make our way to the Buffelspoort dam from Pretoria, where we had spent the night with family. Ash had to be designated driver as my credit card had expired and the car had to be rented out in her name. Its not often that I get to sit back relax and enjoy my lunchbox porridge while my beautiful wife drives me to my race start. It felt strange that she was the one that would be supporting and I would be the one that would be racing, however it was the best feeling to have her by my side for my first comeback in multisport.

The morning was perfect and the water was like a mirror, reflecting its beautiful surroundings. There were over 1400 participants lining the waters edge, ready to tackle the 1.5km swim, 27km mountain bike and a 12km trail (rock climbing) run. I was surprised how relaxed I felt and how ready I felt for the race. It was a fast start as always and I soon found myself just off the feet of Conrad Stoltz and Dan Hugo. I settled in and soon found some good rhythm alongside fellow competitor Stuart Marais. I exited the water in 7th place, 1min down on the likes of Stoltz and Hugo. After only a month in the pool I was certainly happy with my swim and I know it can only get better from here.


After exiting transition 1 for the bike leg I felt great and slowly began to catch guys up the road. Before I knew it, I found myself in 3rd chasing Stoltz and Hugo. With the top five athletes all on 29er bikes, I felt a little out on my well worn in 26er. The terrain was best suited to a 29er bike and while battling over the loose rocky climbs I had lost a few minutes to the leading two. I entered transition 2 with Tyronne White and just over a minute behind us was Stuart Marais. I knew it would be difficult to hold off a fine runner such as Marais.


I exited transition 2 in 3rd and from the start struggled to find the rhythm I was looking for. We were soon greeted with great scenery and steep embankments, as we had to make our way up and down Buffelspoort Dam wall. The run course was grueling and represented a typical Xterra run route. There was very little opportunity to find rhythm on the two-lap 6km run route. After lap one Marais had passed me and I kept him in sight. With 3km to go in the run I hit a real bad patch and soon was passed by White. In the last km I found my feet again and soon a few meters separated Marais, White and myself. It was however to late and I finished in 5th.

The race is certainly one to remember and I will definitely be back to give it another bash. I learnt a lot from the race and now have a better idea of what is needed to be even faster. The Totalsports Xterra at Buffelspoort Dam is definitely a race that an Xterra warrior should put on their race calendar for 2013.

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This weekend saw Team RSAWEB Mountain biker Renay Groustra race back to back races in Barberton and Cape Town. Unfortunately the Barbeton Ultra Marathon did not go to plan and due to a severely cut rear tyre he had to abandon the race. Not one to let this temporary disappointment upset him, he refocused and boarded a place for Cape Town to ride the WP Cross Country(XC) race held in Durbanville.

Here are his thoughts from the race:

With the 40degree heat, and a tough technical course, it was going to be an extremely hard race. Even the competition was at a level higher than normal with an on form Philip Buys in attendance and a super quick Dominic Calitz and Louis Knipe there to mix it up.

For the first two laps all I could do was hang on as I got used to the pace of XC racing again. By lap 3 Philip had lost some time to mechanical issues, which left me to give stick to the rest of the field.  I rode off the front of the field after one or two hard accelerations and stayed out for most of the race, doing my best to survive the sweltering heat and stay upright on such a challenging course.

Towards the end of lap 5 of 6 I could see Philip clawing his way back into the race. The last lap was basically an all out sprint to stop him coming back, but try as I might, I couldn’t hold him off. With half a lap to go the cat and mouse games began, and after a few brutal attacks from Philip I could no longer respond. It was a great first outing and felt good ofter Barberton’s disappointment.



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We’re pleased to announce that we’re once again raising the bar in South Africa Cloud technology with the launch and immediate availability of our Cloud Servers now with Microsoft Windows!


Last year we pioneered South Africa’s first true Cloud hosting platform, allowing users to deploy and provision fully operational Linux servers in seconds. Our customers have deployed more than 1,250 Linux Servers to date.

We value all the feedback we receive from our loyal customers, and we have seen an unprecedented demand for our Linux Cloud Servers, but Microsoft Windows still remains the most requested features. So, after several months of internal trial and testing phases, we are very excited to finally release Microsoft Windows on the platform.

The technology behind our Cloud Servers allows users to buy Linux or Microsoft Windows servers from the web with full control over the server resources and operating system. CPU, RAM and SAN Storage can be added to the servers on the fly as usage or demand requirements change. Users are also not bound to lengthy contracts with us, and servers are purchased on a month to month basis.

Our Cloud Servers with Microsoft Windows are available in the following configurations or resources – all of which include FREE setup:

RAMCoresSAN StorageTrafficMonthly Price *

Server 512 512MB 1 vCPU 10GB 2GB R 395
Server 1G 1GB 1 vCPU 20GB 5GB R 595
Server 2G 2GB 2 vCPU 50GB 10GB R 995
Server 4G 4GB 4 vCPU 80GB 20GB R 1,495
Server 8G 8GB 8 vCPU 80GB 50GB R 2,795

*Pricing excludes monthly Windows licensing fees, which are as follows:

  • Windows Server Std 2008: R141 p/month
  • Windows Web Server 2008: R171 p/month

Our Cloud Servers give you – the user – complete control with full administrator access to your server, allowing you to select you choice of operating system, applications and configuration.

We’ve got a special little something for those of you who are curious to experiment with Cloud Servers – a free trial! Simply click here and sign up.

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You know the Internet isn’t only on your screen. It’s also not controlled from Google’s HQ; nor is it controlled by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). So the question is: Where is the Internet?

The answer: Down below! We’re diving into the depths of the ocean, where all the fiber-optic cables live… where the Internet is.


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This weekend saw the inaugural Msunduzi Road Challenge – part of the UCI World Cycling Tour (UWCT) – held in Pietermaritzburg. This mass-participation road event serves a dual purpose by offering enthusiasts an all-new road cycling challenge, and offers seasoned cyclists the opportunity to qualify for the once-off UWCT Final in 2012 (previously known as the UCI Masters Road World Championship).

The weekend’s races started off with great success as Team RSAWEB took gold (Neville Cragg) and silver (Rob Quinn) in the Individual Time Trail, which took place on Saturday. The celebrations continued when Edward Greene made a crucial break in the closing stages of the 126km Msunduzi Road Challenge, and secured the victory.

Greene was part of an eleven rider breakaway that split the front peleton shortly after the halfway point at Dalton, and made his move as the contenders reached the outer city limits and reached the finish at Alexandra Park alone after a gutsy solo break. His break splintered the front bunch as individual riders tried to catch him, but to no avail.

The team almost secured a second podium spot, but missed it by a mere 6 second resulting in Jos Le Roux in 4th position – not a bad result considering Le Roux raced in the Durbanville High School PCS the day before!

Team RSAWEB continued their Pro Classic Series campaign by representing at the Durbanville High School Race, which took place this past Saturday. Carl Pasio secured yet another podium position for Team RSAWEB in second place, behind Theuns van der Bank.

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We’re at it again… first, we introduced SA’s lowest ADSL line rental prices; then we slashed the prices of our 30GB and 50GB Super DSL, and now we’ve lowered the prices of ADSL lines on our business-grade ADSL packages – comfortably making the ADSL line rental prices on both our consumer and business ADSL products the cheapest in South Africa.

We received an overwhelmingly positive response when we announced our ADSL line price-cuts – an indication that the broadband war is still raging. Well, we’re taking it to the next level – we’re taking the price cuts to the businesses.

In addition to lowering the line rental costs, we’ve also adjusted our data prices to be more competitive, and we’ve implemented extra features. Our Business DSL products offer a true business-grade service, with lower contention ratios, higher redundancy, network prioritization for business uses and business features like static IPs and soft-capping.

Here’s how our new pricing compares to the competition:

RSAWEBTelkom*Annual SavingsSavings %

384kb/s R129 R152 R276 15%
1Mb/s R211 R289 R1 056 30%
10Mb/s R322 R413 R1 092 22%

*Telkom prices as of 17/10/2011 & include VAT.

We’ve noticed that the majority of the customers who have moved across to us since we launched our cheaper line rentals, are frustrated Telkom users who are looking for a better deal; and we fear that a large portion of the market is unaware that they can have their ADSL line hosted with an ISP other than Telkom… like us, for example. Transferring your ADSL line to us is quick, easy and involves no additional costs, simply speak to one of our Helpdesk Consultants and they’ll take care of the rest.

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