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RSAWEB TV is born

August 18, 2009

We’re proud to announce the launch of RSAWEB TV – a video platform that will enable us to tell our story in a more dynamic manner than ever before.

RSAWEB is alive with activity. There are many new exciting products, projects, Team RSAWEB adventures, industry insights, social investment projects, new technologies and other interesting developments we’re itching to talk about – all of which we hope to capture through the RSAWEB TV lens.

You’ll also get to meet the people behind the brand, see our lighter side, and get better feel for what we’re all about.

In our first episode, co-founders Rob Gilmour and Mark Slingsby talk about their preparations for the Cape Epic 2010. Enjoy.

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Virtualisation in the context of hosting has come a long way in recent years. Creating and using VM’s was once a risky business, used only by the brave on low risk projects.

These days, virtualisation is fast becoming an industry standard, as the technology behind it has matured, offering a totally robust and reliable product. Businesses across the globe are already taking advantage of the overwhelming benefits that virtualisation provides:

Better utilisation of resources
Multiple virtual servers / applications can be consolidated onto fewer sets of physical hardware, making better usage of physical resources. Though the virtual environment is ‘shared’ across physical hardware, each virtual server still has its own dedicated physical resources (RAM, CPU etc.).

Reduced risk
The architecture of Virtual environments allows for more redundancies (such as centralized SAN storage) to be built in, significantly reducing down-time in the event of hardware or software failure. Things can fail independently. For instance, one operating system can fail while others running on the same machine continue to function normally.

Virtual servers consist of a single system file, which means you can easily create a backup copy of your entire VM. If you encounter problems, you can replace your existing VM with your backup copy.

Scalability, Flexibility and Availability
The process of ‘installing’ new servers or allocating additional resources to a particular virtual server is now faster and easier to achieve, it can be done in minutes instead of having to do a physical machine upgrade and buying new hardware. We can just ‘turn it on’ by giving your system more RAM, CPU and storage.

Combined with shared storage device, virtualisation enables you to migrate from one physical machine to another without a single second of downtime allowing easier maintenance of physical hardware. Should a server have a hardware issue, the virtual machines can quickly and easily be restarted on another physical set of hardware, minimising any downtime.

It’s Greener
Better utilisation of resources reduces energy consumption in data centre environments. As much as 70% energy consumption can be achieved in most cases.

RSAWEB has extensive experience with virtualisation technology in various different applications. Many of our Dedicated Server & Managed Hosting Server customers are currently utilising virtual platforms to great effect. Give us a shout to find out how virtualisation can benefit you.

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Geek T’s back in style

July 13, 2009

We’ve had so many requests for our Geek T’s lately, that we’ve caved into the pressure and decided to give away some more. Who would have thought that these T’s would become such a fashion statement? Perhaps models will be showing them off on the ramps of Fashion week 2009? Who knows.

We’ll be giving them out as spot prizes to our loyal twitter following, so if you want one, the only prerequisite is to be following us on Twitter.

Our twitter address is http://www.twitter.com/rsaweb

T’s available in #000000 only.


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Data Centre Tours

July 03, 2009

We often meet people in the ICT industry that have never been inside an actual proper Data Centre environment.

Data Centres are really the backbone of the Internet. Often taken for granted by the general public, they provide the infrastructure that houses the applications and data that we access on a daily basis.

We encourage people at levels of the Internet technology chain learn more about the hardware and environments behind hosting technology, and gain a more holistic understanding of how it all fits together.

RSAWEB Data Centre tours offer you the chance to come and experience first hand the inner-workings of our flagship Cape Town Data Centre. On the tour, our team of technical virtuosos will bring you up to speed on:

  • New technologies such as Virtualisation & SAN Storage.
  • The nuts and bolts behind popular products such as Colocation, Dedicated Servers & Shared hosting.
  • Why Data Centre environments are fast replacing onsite hosting solutions.

Want to join our latest tour? Sign up on www.rsaweb.co.za for our latest scheduled tour on 6 August 2009.

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The tide is turning for Africa’s bandwith deficiency with the upcoming switch-on of Seacom, an undersea telecoms cable, on the 27th of June. The cable, which links London and India to South Africa, is set to reduce bandwith costs and increase data transmissions for African countries. Much will be said about this exciting and historical development in the coming weeks but what do the experts have to say about how this will affect our lives?

RSAWEB MD Rob Gilmour recently appeared on the eTV Sunrise breakfast show to discuss the implications of this landmark event.

Here is video footage as it appeared on the eTV Sunrise breakfast show:

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Feedback from the NetProphet conference has exceeded all our expectations. Originally planned as a 100 delegate conference, then 200, it quickly expanded to 450 registered users, so much so that registration had to be closed! On the day an extra row of chairs had to be put out to accomodate all the delegates.

The speakers were fantastic, they also managed to keep the topics less technical and more informative so it wasnt just another geek event. The appeal was across industries, not just IT. They shared insights into what they do with real world examples of their experiences and advice on how to build your own web-enabled business. The content from the event will be posted with video and slides on the Netprophet website to allow more people access to the excellent content.

Some comments: Arthur Goldstuck said “I have never seen so many people at an Internet Conference before”, Peter Flynn said “All software will ultimately be web-based” and Mike Stopforth“How conferences in SA should be run”

RSAWEB was one of the headline sponsors to make NetProphet possible, along with sister company WhiteWallWeb and the Innovation Fund. There is talk that Cape Town has become the “Silicon Cape” – the Silicon Valley of Africa and NetProphet has helped enable that!

Twitter was also a major success factor in the conference, with a twitter fountain pulling up all the #Netprophet tags. We managed to ‘trend’ into the Top 10 and got to be the 2nd most talked about topic on twitter in the world for over 2 hours.

NetProphet was conceived by the Directors of the RAMP Foundation and is a new initiative created to inspire creativity and the flow of ideas among entrepreneurs and stake-holders who operate in the internet-tech space in Africa & South Africa.

If you missed the event this year, go and register now on the Netprophet website for updates around the next event.

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Geek Gear Competition

April 08, 2009

Here’s one for the geeks amongst us…

For the months of April & May, we’ll be giving away one of these stunning limited edition Geek t-shirts every week. To enter, all you need to do is add @RSAWEB to your ‘following’ list (not to be confused with ‘followers’) on your twitter account. Each week we’ll select a new follower to be the recipient of one of these fashion gems.

Following RSAWEB on twitter, you’ll get real time news and updates and access to industry insights from our experts. Plus, you’ll be able to join in the conversation, engaging with us and our twitter following.

Our twitter address is http://www.twitter.com/rsaweb

T’s available in #000000 only.


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FREE Internet Conference

March 27, 2009

RSAWEB is proud to be sponsoring an exciting new initiative called Net Prophet. The conference aims to educate, inspire creativity and promote the flow of ideas amongst South Africans operating within or investigating the Internet business/technology space.

Net Prophet essentially provides a platform to introduce South Africa’s true ‘Net Prophets’, a host of industry experts who will help delegates get a handle on where the industry is headed, the technologies and companies investors are interested in, hot new trends to follow and practical ways to extract maximum business value from the Internet.

Net Prophets speaking at the event include Herman Heunis, CEO of Mixit, Arthur Goldstuck, owner of World Wide Worx, social media specialist, Mike Stopforth, Hannes van Rensburg, founding member of Fundamo, Dave Duarte of Huddleminds and Peter Flynn, MD of White Wall Web to name but a few.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Why the Digital Going is Good in Bad Times
  • Harnessing the Social Web for Brands
  • Successfully Integrating Web and Mobile into Your Media Mix
  • Software as a Service
  • The Entrepreneur’s Perspective on Vulture Capital
  • The Art of Making the Transition to Transacting Online
  • Opportunities for Entrepreneurs Looking to the Mobile Web

The conference is hosted by the non-profit RAMP Foundation and is FREE to attend (delegates must register at www.netprophet.org.za in order to attend).

To find out more, or register for this event, visit www.netprophet.org.za.

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RSAWEB is proud to be the hosting partner behind a handy little Free-To-Use web application that affords South African tax payers the convenience of logging their travel related expenses online.

The application, Travellogger, was developed by White Wall Web in response to recent stipulation enforced by SARS, which states that effective 1 March 2009, South African tax payers will be required to properly track their travel and related expenses in order to qualify for rebates.

Travellogger enables users to track their mileage online throughout the year and easily export the data to a CSV file for use in Excel, when it becomes time to submit their annual returns. This application is also compatible with most cellphone browsers, making it ideal for “on the road” logging.

All  data is stored on one of our web servers in the Cape Town Data Centre environment, greatly reducing the risk of data-loss normally associated with paper based alternatives. Ruby on Rails is the web language of choice used to build the application and its developers worked in conjunction with RSAWEB engineers to setup and migrate the application onto our web servers.

Visit www.travellogger.co.za to check it out.

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Who’s got your back(ups)

January 29, 2009

Just about every business relies on data in order to function. From the basic Spreadsheet to the more complex Payrolls, all depend on the accumulation and manipulation of data on a daily basis. It’s crucial for the smooth running of almost every project, account, customer and query. Businesses have become so dependent on data that they cannot function without it.

Fires, floods and other disasters always can catch us unaware at the best of times. Your average business will have their physical assets covered by insurance – smart businesses will have their data covered with a backup solution.

Laptops, servers & other storage devices are rarely recovered in the event of theft. A good backup solution provides a highly secure environment for data storage hardware.

Accidental deletion
Statistically, this constitutes the highest percentage of data loss causes. Human error should always be factored into the equation where business-critical data is concerned.

Hardware failures
It’s no secret that PC & laptop hard-drives crash on a regular basis. Daily automated backups help to effectively minimize the data loss resulting from hardware failure.

We cannot foresee what obstacles might get thrown our way, but we can control how we recover from them. With RSAWEB’s online backup service you can be rest assured that your precious data is given the five star treatment it deserves.

RSAWEB provide a strictly confidential vault for your data’s safe-keeping and only you determine who has access to the information. With the Desktop License Package, you can backup up to 2GB of data for only R75 per desktop per month and with the Server License, you get access to backup 5GB of data for only R245 per server per month.

Still not convinced? RSAWEB is offering a 30 day trial version that you can download from the website for an instant 1GB data backup, it’s quick and easy and definitely worthwhile, cause let’s be honest…. There’re just some things money can’t buy back.

For more info visit our online backup website.

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