CMC Networks were experiencing delays in the delivery of new SD-WAN sites in South Africa, due to extensive infrastructure buildouts requiring terrestrial Fibre circuits. For any service provider, this can prove detrimental to your business as customers expect timely implementation – with no delays. CMC required a mobile connectivity solution in South Africa and collaborated with RSAWEB, as a trusted partner, to address this challenge. 


Our Solution 

We provided CMC Networks with two solutions that we believed would help speed up delivery of their C-RAN® SD-WAN sites and support the rollout of their new C-RAN® Secure Access service that caters to the remote working needs of their new and existing customers. 

The solutions we provided them with were an APN and Mobile Data. 


RSAWEB Mobile Data 

With our Mobile Data solution, we were able to get CMC Networks’ customers and connected from any location in South Africa almost instantly, as well as seamlessly manage mobile data and SIM cards with ease.  

They were granted access to our Mobile Data Management Portal; the best spend manager in South Africa, which is praised for being able to save businesses up to 50% on their Mobile Data Management expense! Through our Mobile Data Management Portal CMC Networks were able to pool their data and distribute it from anywhere, at any time, to their customers upon request. This pooling system ensured that none of their data lapsed and went to waste at the end of the month – they had full control over it. 


Corporate APN 

We also helped add an extra vital layer of security for the CMC Networks team when they needed to get connected. Our Mobile Data solutions APN capabilities enabled them to take control of their Mobile 3G & LTE data connectivity through our leading-edge Portal. This enabled the team to save more by doing much less. 


The End Result: 

We enabled the CMC Networks team to ensure their customers from around the country were connected, and helped them speed up the delivery and rollout of their C-RAN® SD-WAN sites & C-RAN® Secure Access service. 

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