At The Gate (ATG) uses technology to provide an access control and monitoring service. ATG originated with the aim to replace the logbooks used at the entrances of many office parks and estates and has since evolved into a data partner and provider. They offer insight and analytics that enable their clients to track and measure all the pedestrians and vehicles entering and exiting their sites. ATG offers a suite of products that includes vehicle, container and license scanners, as well as reception devices. 

Due to the nature of their business, ATG’s clients rely on mobile devices for their daily operations and need consistently reliable connectivity, usually in areas outside of WiFi coverage. Before RSAWEB’s Mobile Data solution, managing connectivity for thousands of IoT devices required thousands of contracts for thousands of SIM cards with barely any control over usage, which led to large amounts of wasted data and minimal control over how data is being used. Thanks to RSAWEB’s intuitive Mobile Management Portal, ATG now have total control and manage it all online. This allows them to allocate data to any SIM card, as needed, from just one pooled data bundle with detailed reporting down to groups, accounts and even individual devices. RSAWEB’s Mobile Data solution has allowed ATG to continue to provide effective service with the use of their corporate APN. The APN allows the devices to breakout to the internet through specific servers, while providing the necessary controls in terms of centralized management of data usage and access to various data applications.  

“The Mobile Management Portal allows us to monitor which devices are using disproportionate data, and which devices need provisions for additional data while the corporate APN gives us the ability to control which applications or protocols are permitted. With the portal and the APN, we have complete visibility and control over our SIM cards.”

RSAWEB has greatly improved our customer experience: devices are up longer, we have less downtime due to network infrastructure issues, and devices don’t get capped due to overage as frequently. 

Since switching to RSAWEB, ATG has been able to mitigate nearly all their wastage and overage. Much of this was going unnoticed until invoices arrived each month and the damage was already done. This is all thanks to the insights provided by the Mobile Management Portal and the degree of control they have with the Corporate APN. With RSAWEB, ATG have also been able to diversify their SIM cards across network providers to minimise the risk of network outages in key areas. 

ATG was quick to commend the stellar support team at RSAWEB as a key benefit. Specifically highlighting the ease of access, transparent communication and quick responses. 

“When there have been questions or issues, RSAWEB have been proactive, transparent and highly responsive in resolving our issues. Our staff are able to contact RSAWEB whenever there are issues and reach resolution quickly, making their lives easier. If a resolution isn’t found on first contact, there is constant communication from RSAWEB, keeping our staff informed, allowing for effective feedback to our clients. “

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