…we are living through the most immense transfer of power from institutions to individuals in history‘ – Nancy Gibbs, managing editor, TIME magazine (September 2013).

With the increasing speed of the Internet and the ever-increasing ability to access information anywhere in the world, more and more we are finding ourselves free to work where we want to and when we want to. This trend that is leading to a rapid growth in the entrepreneurial and freelancing industry as people break out of the mould of the conventional workplace and working day.

At the forefront of the charge towards entrepreneurial freedom is ‘The Bureaux’ is an exciting new concept in Cape Town offering a shared working space for entrepreneurs – allowing them to grow and flourish in a creative environment with like-minded people around them. ‘The Bureaux’ removes the need to commit to massive monthly rental expenses while allowing entrepreneurs to scale their requirements based on their needs.

As Greg notes during our conversation: “Businesses that are getting traction find that they will work from home initially and then realise they can’t work there forever – at some stage you get to a tipping point when you realise ‘I need to separate my private life and work and I need balance’ and so we have devised an affordable solution to aid them in their productivity. As the businesses grow, they can then expand and contract as is needed.

Started in Woodstock at the Woodstock Exchange, Greg Beadle launched ‘The Bureaux’ in 2013 when he realised he personally had a need for this type of working environment and space. Originally a photographer with a history in creative consulting to property developers, Greg first took a space for himself and a group of his photographer friends to collaborate and work together in. The concept unexpectedly mushroomed into a space where everyone from creative consultants, designers and game programmers, to ‘swallows’ working in South Africa for a few months and overseas for a few months, were soon flocking in. Over the last 2 years ‘The Bureaux’ has grown exponentially to a bigger space in Woodstock Exchange, and now also to a space in The Point Centre in Sea Point, and one in the City on the edge of the Waterfront.

As we chat, Greg explains how ‘The Bureaux’ is built on 3 very important and key core values:

  • Location: All ‘The Bureaux’ buildings are situated in dynamic, vibrant environments with access to easy parking, restaurants, etc.
  • High-speed quick Internet – all supplied by RSAWEB with Business Fibre
  • Great Coffee – to stimulate the creative juices

‘The Bureaux’ unique offer bundles all the necessary business and office services together for one price with short-term agreements in place from 1 months’ notice to 3 months’ notice.



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