Medipet provides veterinary insurance for cats and dogs. Established in 2007, Medipet is the largest veterinary insurance provider in South Africa. They have processed in excess of 7 700 claims and serve a pet client base of more than 11 000.

“the productivity for certain aspects of our business has increased by a minimum of 30 to 35%.”

Medipet prides itself on employing a team of animal loving staff that has grown the business into the largest dedicated pet insurance broker in South Africa. Their in-house veterinary expertise and commitment to act on behalf of their clients, and their pets, ensure that they provide the best service possible and the best health care you can find for your pet.

Based in Cape Town and currently, with 22 staff members, Medipet adopted RSAWEB’s City Fibre solution in 2015 and they haven’t looked back since. With City Fibre, Medipet gets Internet speeds of up 100Mbps for their general connectivity as well as remote desktop and cloud based office services.

The need for speed


Medipet uses underwriter software that requires the use of remote desktop access for claims and client information. Their previous Internet service provider had them operating on a 4mbps exchange which made working conditions virtually intolerable, the upload timing was considered pathetic by the staff and despite numerous promises of an upgrade to the service it never happened. Added to this their client and claim levels have risen constantly year-on-year and with more claims needing to be processed daily, they were in desperate need of a new, faster solution. According to Medipet’s Chief Executive Officer; Peter Trowell “When fibre became available within our block we jumped at the chance!” Peter adds; “the installation of City Fibre was virtually seamless with less than two hours of disruption.”

The beauty of City Fibre

City Fibre is up to 50 times faster than your standard ADSL line. Fibre optic cables are made up of thin glass fibres that enable data to travel ‘at the speed of light’ with speeds that can range from 10Mbps to 200Mpbs. Added to this Fibre also has the benefit of giving you a simultaneous upload/download speed so data can travel unhindered in both directions.

City Fibre is incredibly fast and uncapped, which ensures that your staff are constantly connected and able to work quickly and productively without waiting for pages to load or having to put up with general lag time. The speed of City Fibre makes it far superior when it comes to data transfer, clarity and additional data types like voice and video transmission. With Fibre there is no buffering on video streaming and long distance voice calls (VOIP) or video conferences will be clear and uninterrupted.

It is also important to keep in mind that as your business grows so does the strain on a normal ADSL Internet connection as more users means more congestion and a lower quality of connection for everyone. With City Fibre this is no longer a concern as the connection is constant regardless of how many users are on the system. Fibre cables are known for their superior resistance to electromagnetic noise, moisture and adverse weather conditions. They are also highly stable and are not affected by their distance from their closest POP (Point-of-Presences). Fibre connections are therefore very reliable. 

A whole new world

When asked about the positive impact that the implementation of City Fibre has had on their business Peter says, “City Fibre has made us much more efficient and we have had almost 100% faultless service.” He goes on to say that the increased efficiency “also generates good staff morale and attitude” as the speed and reliability of City Fibre enables employees to save time and be more efficient as they are no longer waiting for loading and buffering. With regards to this increased performance, Peter estimates that “the productivity for certain aspects of our business has increased by a minimum of 30 to 35%.” Implementing City Fibre has also had the unexpected benefit of increasing the productivity of their marketing team as well, as now marketing efforts via social media and blogging are much quicker.

Improved customer satisfaction

Although the solution has made everything at Medipet so much more efficient overall, the biggest change they have seen in the business since implementing City Fibre is the increase in claim efficiencies. This has also been great for their business as being able to respond to claims and queries quickly has resulted in a happier and more satisfied client base.

Medipet is so impressed with the added speed and capability of City Fibre that they have recommended RSAWEB to several other tenants in their area.



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