Fundamental Software is South Africa’s leading provider of Investment Management software, offering an end-to-end (Front-to-Back) Investment Management system to Fund Managers, Wealth Managers, Unit Trusts, Mutual Funds, Multi-Managers, Pension Funds, Hedge Funds, and Administration Services Providers. 


The Problem  

Fundamental Software came to us with a critical problem they needed solved. As the shift from on-premise infrastructure to cloud or hosted infrastructure accelerates for financial services companies, their business needed to provide a core service that met the evolving requirements of the financial services industry that they catered for. 

‘’As a complete end-to-end solution, our application requires high-bandwidth resources delivered consistently for our time-sensitive customers over solid low latency connectivity, to ensure a seamless user experience.’’ 

– Michael Ross, Head of IT. 


Our Solution 

We provided Fundamental Software with a Virtual Data Centre (Cloud) environment and managed Firewall for their Hosted platform, as well as Disaster Recovery and an infrastructure monitoring service. These Enterprise-grade solutions enabled them to provide a hosted service for their FPM investment management solution to meet the growing demand for PaaS (Platform-as-a-service) solutions in the financial services industry, while meeting their customers’ functional and regulatory requirements.  


Virtual Data Centre 

With RSAWEB’s Virtual Data Centre (VDC) and Managed Firewall, Fundamental Software were provided with the highest level of flexibility, security, and control over their cloud-based production environments. The solution enabled the business to grow their user base and cater to customers that would not have taken The Fundamental Portfolio Manager software (FPM) as an on-premise or less robust hosted service. It also allowed the business to invest into their cloud journey with minimal risk – without any of the maintenance, engineering people or capital costs. 

‘’RSAWEB was selected after an extensive investigation into South African hosting and cloud providers. The complete offering of VDC and connectivity as well as value-add services like the disaster recovery service and infrastructure monitoring attracted us to RSAWEB. The uptime, price and personal service have kept us there.’’ 

– Michael Ross, Head of IT. 


The End Result: 

By selecting RSAWEB as their hosting partner, Fundamental Software have managed to solve capacity and scalability issues. 

  • Capacity Issues: 

Capacity in terms of where their dedicated people needed to spend their time and scalability when it came to the computing resources needed to take on new customers at short notice, or even ramping up resources as and when their customer’s experienced quick growth. 

  • Infrastructure & Connectivity Issues: 

These are handled behind the scenes by RSAWEB, allowing the Fundamental Software team members to focus on their products, as well as deliver maximum performance and reliability. The Disaster Recovery service is also fully managed by RSAWEB, which allows their team members to test semi-annually without the daily maintenance of ensuring the service is working as expected. This frees up precious time for their business to focus on the product and the end-users experience. 


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