By switching to our Mobile Data solution, Autozone have seen a massive saving of almost 50% on their previous spend. Their IT Administrator, Gavin Erasmus gave us some insight.

“Besides the savings, the biggest plus for us is that we now have reporting functionality, which enables us to see exactly where that data usage has been used or abused, something that no other service provider has been able to give us. This in-depth reporting is a stark contrast to the generic upload, download, and totals that other service providers offer. That, together with the user-friendly MyRSAWEB control panel where we manage accounts as well as set and increase data caps when required, makes for a winning formula.

We previously used 270 SIM cards (a mix of Vodacom and MTN), with an average data usage of 130 GB a month, costing us approximately R60 000 a month.

Now, we only need 175 SIM cards (still a mix of Vodacom and MTN), with a data usage of about 100 GB. This is because we have reporting capabilities, which have been instrumental in helping us to identify abuse and put a stop to it. Our data cost has been reduced to R22 630 a month, a saving of over 62%!

Even if we factor in our 2 APN’s, Fortigate Firewall with the reporting add-on, our total bill is approximately R31 130 a month. That is almost a 50% saving compared to our previous bill (which was solely the data cost) but we now have the added ability to prevent massive misuse of data and can show our staff how their allocated data has been used if they query their usage.”

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