3CX and the importance of a cloud-hosted PBX

By : Christopher Wray | September 15, 2020 | Blog

3CX and the importance of a cloud-hosted PBX

September 15, 2020

Are you looking to adopt a ‘spend now to save later’ approach for your businessand invest in a robust cloud-hosted communication solution so that you and your staff can stay in touch with customers while continuing to work from home? Or simply move to a telephony solution that does not require special and expensive equipment? 

If you answered yes, then you are in dire need of a cloud-hosted PBX with RSAWEB 

What IA Cloud-Hosted PBX? 

A PBX, or Private Brand Exchange, is your business’s very own private telephone network. 

A private brand exchange allows businesses like yours to handle its telephone routing, in and out of the company, and can be located on the premises of the business itself, on the cloud, or it can be a hybrid of the two.

The Benefits of Having A CloudHosted PBX System 

  • Streamline internal communications and save money by avoiding your internal calls having to be routed through your local phone company’s exchange.  
  • Cloud-hosted and mobile solutions allow your staff to work from anywhere. 
  • No receptionist needed – PBX phone systems allow for automation and help guide callers to the right person or department. 
  • Monitors your costs accurately by keeping logs of all incoming and outgoing calls. 
  • Provide variable access to your different members of staff and set up lines individually in order to denote different levels of access. 
  • Personalised ringer features for quick caller identification. 
  • Set office-hourlimitations to divert calls to a voicemail system once the workday is done. 

Contact us to learn more about RSAWEB’s cloud-hosted PBX solution. 


What Is 3CX  

3CX are our cloud-hosted PBX partners. Suitable for whatever business or industry you operate in, 3CX is an open-standards communications solution that offers complete, unified communications. This software-based PBX enables extensions to make calls via VoIP services, and was created with the future-forward remote workforce in mind.  

Why Is 3CX the Best PBX Solution for Your Business 

3CX can provide your business with a simple, flexible, and affordable solution that dramatically cuts telephony costs. With 3CX, you are also guaranteed to increase productivity, reduce business travel costs, streamline operations and improve customer service.   

3CX can accommodate your every need; from mobility and status to advanced contactcentre features and more, at a fraction of the cost of traditional telephone routing services. It also makes installation and maintenance of your business’s communications systems so easy that you can effortlessly manage it yourself, whether on-premise on an appliance or server or in the cloud. 


Standout Features of 3CX 

  • Office 365 Integration. 
  • Schedule and set up conference calls effortlessly. 
  • Interbranch call are free of charge. 
  • Service customer requests via website live chats. 
  • Every business call is an important one, so make sure you never miss a call thanks to 3CX’s Android and iOS app support feature. 
  • Offer your team all the support they need with advanced call-centre and customer service features. 
  • Self-installation and deployment mean that time and money are saved in set up phase, and easy management means all issues can be resolved when they happen, as they happen – by your team. 
  • Voicemails on your business VoIP number go straight to your email address and can be accessed by a large array of internet-enabled devices. 
  • No specialised VOIP hardware required, you can use your desktop or mobile phone 

Contact us to learn more about how your business can benefit from the cost-cutting and streamlining features that come with 3CX.  

Why Partner With RSAWEB? 

Not only is Hosted PBX supported on all RSAWEB connectivity mediums, but we will work with you to identify the pain points with your current telephony solution and work-from-home challenges. 

We offer three PBX Packages: Starter, SME and Enterprise, each comprising of certain features-setsSo, give our experienced team a call, or follow the link below, and we can provide a PBX solution which meets the unique needs of your business. 

Contact us to find out more about how 3CX can help your business cut costs, streamline procedures, and help you grow your business. 

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