8 things to know about Flex Cloud

By : Christopher Wray | February 12, 2015 | Blog

8 things to know about Flex Cloud

February 12, 2015

We have recently launched the exciting new product; Flex Cloud, The easy way for developers to host scalable websites without worrying about admining servers. I thought I should take a few minutes to write down my top eight things you need to know about a product that is going to revolutionize software development in South Africa. Developers take note (Sysadmins you will also love how easy this makes your job).

1. Flex Cloud makes hosting your JAVA, PHP, Ruby, Python and Node.js applications #OhSoEasy

2. Flex Cloud is hosted locally in our Cape Town Data Centre.

3.  Flex Cloud is cheaper and more cost effective than most cloud platforms including Amazon Web Service (AWS)

4. Flex Cloud is so much easier to use. Seriously, you simply choose the right environment, upload your code or your Github details and deploy. The platform then does all the hard work and gets your website up and running.

Flex Cloud

5. Flex Cloud is highly scalable – previously, if your application could not cope with the increase in users the server would crash, (nightmare!) whereas Flex Cloud allows you to automatically scale resources up and down, increasing and decreasing the amount of memory and CPU you need, as and when you need it.

6. Flex Cloud will save you time – the easy to manage system will allow you to switch application lifecycles from testing to deployment to live and back across multiple environments. – Did I mention it is easy to use?

7. No Vendor Lock-in – you can now code with no code changes or specific API requirements – that’s right, there is absolutely no Vendor Lock-in!

8. You can try it for FREE – that’s right, RSAWEB are currently offering you a free 14 day trial period!

Here  are some FAQ’s about our Flex Cloud

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