ADSL Is Dying – But Connectivity’s Alive & Thriving

By : Christopher Wray | July 15, 2020 | Blog

ADSL Is Dying – But Connectivity’s Alive & Thriving

July 15, 2020

ADSL is dying, and very soon it is going to reach the end of its shelf life. But this doesn’t mean you’re left without connectivity options. Quite the opposite, really! With the birth of Fibre and Fixed LTE, you now have faster, more affordable, and reliable connectivity options available to you. 

Since it launched in 2002, ADSL boasted fast adoption rates. Not only this, but it also opened the ISP (Internet Service provider) landscape up to an array of hungry and dedicated entrepreneurs who went on to open some of the most trusted internet service provider businesses in our country today. 

By 2016, there were well over 1 million fixed Broadband subscribers on Telkom’s networks, but by 2017 that number started to decrease – and the decline has been steady ever since. 

As we write this in 2020, Telkom have officially killed copper – and have started removing all copper line infrastructure. But this doesn’t mean those using ADSL are left without connectivity options.


Faster, Better Connectivity Options Await 

There are faster and better connectivity options that rest at your fingertips: 



Fibre is the best connectivity currently available for your home. Delivered through highspeed Fibre optic cables instead of regular copper telephone lines (like ADSL)Fibre connectivity is faster, far more reliableand encounters less drops in connectionIt also ends up being more affordable than ADSL when you consider the fact that you don’t need an active Telkom telephone line to run it – which saves you a few hundred rand each month.  

With speeds up to 1 Gbps and affordable package prices, it is the new and exciting connectivity behemoth that is here to stay for a long time, and is sure to grow in leaps and bounds as time marches on.  

If you are looking to get Fibre for your home, you’re in luck – we are running two great Fibre specials! When you sign up with RSAWEB in any live Openserve areas, you get your first month for free! Not only this, but when you order any 40 Mbps and up Fibre package from RSAWEB – you will receive a free mini-UPS device to keep your router online during loadshedding, so you can keep working proficiently from home. 

 More Benefits: 

  • Save up to R4500 
  • Free installation  
  • Free to use premium WiFi router 
  • Save up to R2500 by referring your friends 
  • Save R500 by signing up before your area goes live Get 1 free LTE SIM & 1 GB data per month 

View Our Fast Fibre Packages Here



Currently, Fibre is experiencing some growing pains in terms of it being ubiquitously available around South Africa. Infrastructure takes time to set up; but for those of you who live in areas not yet equipped with Fibre infrastructure – Fixed LTE is your next best bet! With speeds of up to 150 Mbps, no lengthy contracts to keep you locked in, and Fibre-ready routers for when Fibre infrastructure goes live in your area – Fixed LTE is the key to getting you connected. 

We are currently running a great Fixed LTE deal, and are rewarding our first 100 Fixed LTE customers with R460 off their order on SIM + router rental packages! 

More Benefits: 

  • Quick, pain-free connection 
  • Plug & play – Simply plug your SIM in & you’re connected 
  • Router rental options included  
  • No landline or wires needed 
  • Large coverage – connect from almost anywhere 
  • Best alternative to Fibre 

View Our Fixed LTE Packages Here

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to ditch your old ADSL connection, and sign up to Fibre or Fixed LTE with RSAWEB. With a 4.4 star rating on Google, you can expect one of the best customer service experiences around. You can trust our dedicated team to get you connected without hassle, to one of our lightning-fast and ultra-affordable Fibre or Fixed LTE packages. 

Get Me Connected!



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