Tricks for your Next Digital Campaign

By : Christopher Wray | April 13, 2015 | Blog

Tricks for your Next Digital Campaign

April 13, 2015

If you have ever worked in an agency or a media company, then you will have no doubt experienced this problem at least once in your working career. You spend countless hours, days, weeks, months, planning and preparing for your new and exciting campaign. You know it is brilliant. You have worked tirelessly with a team of developers, copy writers, designers and your client to build a ‘never been done before’ campaign. You have tested it, launched it, let your colleagues and a few outside people test it, and the big day arrives. You send out the newsletters, you post links across every social media platform known to man and you sit and watch as the multitude of visits start streaming in!

Success! You have done it! You have created an incredible campaign that is going to change the way users think of your brand/client/product for the foreseeable future.

But before you start planning your Bookmarks Awards outfit and booking your flights, the horror of all horrors occurs – the site crashes. The traffic has been too much. So many people have been visiting your creation that the servers go down and you crash. Frantically you call your hosting provider and your developers and they inform you that they are doing everything in their power to get the site back up but that they are going to have to make changes to the infrastructure and that in the long run the cost of the hosting is going to double/triple/quadruple in expense.


Introducing Flex Cloud

RSAWEB’s Flex Cloud is the ideal solution to every digital/media agency’s worst nightmare as it scales bigger and smaller as you need it, without the need for constant maintenance and management. If your traffic spikes in the week of launch, but subsequently spikes in waves as you change and implement your various marketing strategies, Flex Cloud will increase and decrease in size and scale accordingly and, best of all, you only pay for what you need. Flex Cloud also has a number of built in structures that make it simpler and easier to use; it will even tell you if it thinks it needs more resources thus removing the need for capital outlay on resources such as SysAdmins.

No longer do you need to pay the same monthly retainer for your small side business’s WordPress site that you do for your corporation’s server hosting. You can now even get your developers to trial Flex Cloud for 14 days for free before you even need to commit!

Here is a an interesting article you need to read:

Flex Cloud-delivering constant performance


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