Best fibre ISP’s in South Africa revealed

By : Christopher Wray | June 08, 2021 | Blog

Best fibre ISP’s in South Africa revealed

June 08, 2021

The May 2021 MyBroadband Insights Internet service provider (ISP) rankings show that RSAWEB is one of the top three best fibre ISP’s in South Africa.

The South African ISP rankings are based on customer satisfaction scores collected through  MyBroadband’s mobile apps and web-based speed test portals.

After a user performs a speed test, they are asked to rate their ISP based on their overall satisfaction with the service.

These customer satisfaction ratings are then processed to produce a customer satisfaction percentage for each ISP. Higher scores indicate a better customer experience.

Best and worst ISPs in South Africa

The table below provides the customer satisfaction scores and network speeds of prominent South African ISPs.

South African ISP Rankings
ISP  Customer Satisfaction Rating
Cool Ideas 87.5%
Afrihost 84.6%
RSAWEB 78.5%
Axxess 77.4%
MTN 74.8%
Webafrica 74.1%
Vox 72.6%
Home Connect 72.2%
MWEB 71.7%
Supersonic 69.5%
Vodacom 68.5%
HeroTel 68.0%
Telkom 65.1%
Cell C 63.5%
Rain 57.8%

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