Connect multiple devices with Fibre

Jacqui Hannaford | August 29, 2017 | Blog

Connect multiple devices with Fibre

August 29, 2017

Are you getting frustrated when you are continuously interrupted when streaming your favourite TV series or movie over the Internet at home? You know the scenario – it’s a crucial part of the story and the episode just stops and your pet hate appears – a spinning circle that just keeps on spinning and spinning and spinning. Or, when you are trying to download or upload a rather large file, update software or even play an online game, it can be so slow – it’s almost like watching toast toast!


Chances are, the reason for this is that you are not the only person in the house connecting to the Internet.



Every day we are seeing more and more devices being connected to the Internet in our homes and unfortunately if you are relying on a normal ADSL broadband connection it will struggle to support the increasing demand.

The main reason for this is that ADSL makes use of telephone lines to transmit data via copper cables from your nearest telephone exchange to your home – and the further you are from the exchange, the slower your speeds will be.

So, what can you do to make this all go away? Well, the simplest, easiest and most cost effective solution would be to install Fibre to the Home.

With fibre, you only need to rely on fibre optic cables to transmit the data. And because the data has the potential to travel at the speed of light, it will not make a difference how far you are from the exchange. What this means is that you will be able to connect more devices than ever before.




Once connected, simply decide which devices you want to connect over Ethernet (better for high performance gaming and high quality video streaming) and then connect all other devices over Wi-Fi.

Imagine, no more spinning circles when your partner is trying to catch up on his/her favourite TV show or when others are watching sport and playing games till the wee hours. But the best part of all is that you can stream your favourite movie or series in the comfort of your own room with no interruptions. Now isn’t that just bliss!

Don’t delay, get Fibre at home today so you too can connect multiple devices and enjoy a reliable, fast connection from every room in your house.

For more information or to get connected contact our Fibre to the Home team on 087 470 0010 or email them on [email protected]

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