The Super Heroes behind Fast Fibre Internet

Leigh Mather | July 25, 2017 | Blog

The Super Heroes behind Fast Fibre Internet

July 25, 2017

We connect our customers to fibre every day and without our dedicated teams of installers working hard at maintaining and installing fibre, we would not be able to provide you with this service.

So, to give you a little bit of insight into who they are and how they help us give only the best, we asked one of our fibre installers, Peter to give us the low-down.




Q: How does your day start?

A: If I’m not needing to be at a customer first thing, typically I go into the office in time for our stand up morning meeting where the installation team and project coordinators get together to give feedback on the previous day’s work and plan the next couple of days.

Q: Do you look after specific clients or do you focus on one area at a time?

A: Using a Trello board we select the installations we want to work on based on each teams’ skills, experience of the site and the service that needs to be installed. Some installations do need the customer to be present as we might need access to roofs or basements before the installation can take place, so our project coordinators will organise this and when the site is ready, they let us know when we can start.

Q: How long does a typical installation take?

A: Each job is unique, meaning the time spent on a job depends entirely on the complexity of the installation. Most jobs take on average one working day, but we have had some big installations that sometimes take up to a week or longer.




Q: Do you work on one installation at a time or multiple ones?

A: Very rarely, but if there are multiple customers in the same building/estate, we might have multiple teams working on the same site if it’s appropriate.

Q: What’s in your van?

A: Tools, stock, testing equipment and all the safety gear required to install either fibre or microwave radios.

Q: How do you communicate with each other during the day?

A: We have all been issued with mobile phones and using RSAWEB mobile data, we use Slack to stay in contact.




Q: Is a supervisor always present?

A: No. Our teams are fairly self-sufficient and mostly work unsupervised, but we do have random Quality Assurance checks making sure we are always on top of our game!

Q: What happens if it rains?

A: It depends on the kind of work we are doing and the particular site. Some sites are safe to work outside in the rain, others are not – but our project coordinators keep an eye on the weather and try to plan the installations accordingly – it’s not usually a problem!

Q: Do you have a favourite coffee shop that you stop at?

A: The coffee shop at the RSAWEB office is the best!


So now you know a bit about what’s involved and as you can see, our brilliant fibre installers are committed to getting you connected come rain or shine!

If you would like any more information about Fibre to the Home, or to get connected contact us on 087 470 0010 or [email protected]

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