Fibre to fit your needs

By : Christopher Wray | May 23, 2019 | Blog

Fibre to fit your needs

May 23, 2019

Looking for your perfect fibre match? We’ve got you covered! Fibre is the best way to get your home connected and, at RSAWEB, we’ve got packages to suit any household. Read on to find the package that’s best for you and your household. 

Living alone and only need the basics? 

If you’re living alone and don’t spend much time online, a 10 Mbps line will meet your needs and give you great reliability. This speed is best for small households with only one or two people who mostly need internet access for emails, browsing, social media and streaming on one device at a time. If you stream often, we suggest you get an uncapped service or at least more than 100 GB. If you have a regular sized house, the premium WiFi router we provide with all our fibre packages should provide enough coverage to cover your home but you may still need powerline extenders to combat interference from your neighbours’ networks if you’re in a flat. 

Enjoy some online gaming or have a family that loves to stream? 

If you’ve got roomies or a family of four who enjoy streaming all their favourite shows and movies you’re going to need a speedy connection. For an average household of four, a 20Mbps line will allow everyone to stream in HD on Netflix at the same time. If there’s a gamer in the house, we suggest you get at least a 50Mbps line so that all those updates and downloads get done quickly. For a household of this size, we’d recommend an uncapped service, unless you’re certain of your monthly usage. For medium sized homes or older homes with thicker walls, a range extender will give your WiFi the boost it needs. For gamers, a powerline extender would work best as it gives your console or PC a wired connection with lower latency. 

Have a large household or a lot of uploads and downloads? 

Are there six or more people in your household who enjoy gaming online and streaming buffer-free in 4k? You’re going to need some serious speed! With a line speed of 100Mbps or more you’ll be able to do it all! These speeds are perfect for large households or demanding, media heavy users like serious gamers and content creators who need high speed connectivity for fast uploads and downloads. With a 100Mbps or faster line you may want to upgrade your router. While the premium router we provide you with is sufficient, an upgrade will ensure you have the best wireless speeds to make the most of your fast fibre internet. For older homes with thicker walls or larger homes that have no signals in certain areas you may want to add a powerline extender to your order to ensure that your entire home is connected. 

Super simple orders 

When you order your perfect fibre package with RSAWEB  you save up to R4500 including free installation and/or connection, R500 off if your order is placed before your area is live, a free premium WiFi router, free LTE SIM card with 1 GB of free data each month, free one-hour onsite support and up to R2500 off when your referrals get connected. 

If you have a better idea of what package your home needs, you can place your order online. If you still need some help or have any questions, we’d be happy to take your call on 0874700000. 

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