High speed Fibre for business parks

By : Leigh Mather |October 25, 2016 |Blog |Comments Off on High speed Fibre for business parks

High speed Fibre for business parks

October 25, 2016

Is your company situated in a business park or multi-tenant complex? We have good news! Getting Fibre installed into business parks or multi-tenant areas is just as simple as it would be for individual businesses.


If your business is situated within the city centres of Johannesburg, Durban or Cape Town then you can benefit from the blazing-fast speeds of City Fibre. City Fibre offers a high-speed, low-cost Internet alternative for companies located in and around major cities in South Africa. Bringing you blazing-fast connectivity without breaking the bank!




Here are some of the benefits of City Fibre for your business:

  • Increased Internet speeds of up to 200Mbps!
  • Capped and uncapped options available depending on your business requirements.
  • Faster transferring of offsite backups, media files or large data reports.
  • Uninterrupted streaming of audio and video becomes effortless and crystal clear, ideal for video conferencing and call centres.
  • Large workforce support so you no longer have to worry about the strain on the network and Internet connection as your business grows.
  • Faster page load times means that there’s no more wasting time waiting for website pages to load.




How does installing Fibre Internet into a business park work?

In order to connect your business park or building to a Fibre network you need to have a central ‘node’ installed. There are multiple options available to business parks to go about this process:


1. One or more ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) can provide connectivity to the business park and then also deploys the ‘last mile’ of fibre between the node and client’s offices. The ‘last mile’ refers to the portion of the fibre that physically reaches the end-user’s premises. The cost for this would be covered by the ISP, and they would then typically provide the service to multiple tenants in the business park.


2. The landlord or owners of the business park can pay to deploy the ‘last mile’ Fibre into the business park. This enables the business park to have a ‘meet me room’ or node on premises from which multiple ISP’s can offer their services. Tenants can then choose which ISP they would prefer for their business based on their individual requirements. If you are the owner of a business property, then having Fibre access to your building can also increase the value of your property as more and more people are choosing where to work based on the availability of high speed Internet.


3. The landlord or owners have an Open Access Service Provider install both the ‘last mile’ and back haul to the business park. The Open Access Service Provider would then pay to install all infrastructure and bill the ISP to use accordingly. Open Access Fibre Network providers lay Fibre cables into the ground and then install a Fibre ‘node’ directly into a common area within the business park. Most Open Access Fibre Network providers will install a node into a server room or basement of a business block or complex at no cost to the individual tenants, building owner or body corporate. All you will need to do is gain landowner consent or permission from the body corporate for the Open Access Fibre Network providers to do the installation.




If your business park has a body corporate, then you can ask your ISP to submit a proposal to the body corporate so that they can choose an option that suites their business model and tenant requirements best.


City Fibre is available in more areas in Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg every day. Find out if City Fibre is available in your area here


If you want more information about how to get City Fibre to your business park, contact us today on

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