How Three Sprints innovates with ease

By : Christopher Wray | November 07, 2019 | Blog

How Three Sprints innovates with ease

November 07, 2019

Three Sprints is an innovative IoT start-up that RSAWEB has taken under its wing, allowing them to fast-track their growth by leveraging the wealth of knowledge, talent and resources that RSAWEB has on hand. Discover / Design / Develop is the ethos of Three Sprints and they are able to do all three at breakneck speed, setting them apart from other IoT focused operations. 

Three Sprints designs and develops IoT sensors that fall under two core focus areasSafety & Security, and Smart Cities & Environment. The former includes Securimote, an easy to use geo panic button capable with pinpoint tracking accuracy. This smart little device allows users to alert relevant parties when they require assistance and tracks the users exact location, providing their GPS location when outdoors and which floor and room they can be found at when in a building. The rechargeable device requires little maintenance with a battery life of 100 days. 

The second focus of Three Sprints’ offering are their Smart City and Environment solutions. This category includes IP67 rated Manhole Monitors capable of detecting any openings, cracks, water and leaks. This allows users to better monitor their infrastructure and proactively plan maintenance. Also included under the Smart City and Environment category are a range of indoor and outdoor devices capable of detecting light, temperature, water usage, electricity usage, energy usage, leaks, soil moisture, humidity, movement and CO2 levels. These sensors have a broad range of applications spanning diverse industries such as agriculture, mining, building management and meteorology. 

In conjunction with partners, Three Sprints have also developed a comprehensive electric fence monitoring systemcapable of detecting anomalies like breaches, breakages, vegetation or animal damage, bad earthing, short circuits, and low power/voltage. The Three Sprints fence monitoring system provides users with insightful analytics that track changes over time, keeps accurate records of the health of the fence and alerts them of any issues with their fences. 

Crucial to the performance of all of these devices is the LoRaWAN™ network that keeps them connected. The network offers bi-directional communication, end-to-end security and localisation services. This allows for a low range, high coverage network with high energy efficiency, all built on the back of RSAWEB’s Mobile Data backhaul. 

To process all of the data collected by the myriad of sensors, Three Sprints has developed Survey 3, an app that collates and displays all the data in a useful manner. Not only does the app collect data from all of the sensors, but it also allows for manual entries through customisable questionnaires and can be used without an internet connection. With RSAWEB on hand Three Sprints has been able to develop their comprehensive IoT solutions with ease and agility. 

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