How to improve your WiFi signal

By : Christopher Wray | June 07, 2018 | Blog

How to improve your WiFi signal

June 07, 2018

Did you know that WiFi stands for Wireless Fidelity? Well now you do – think of it as an invisible cord connecting your computer or cell phone to the Internet. Once your home fibre is installed you will be set up with a WiFi router so that all the devices in your home can connect wirelessly to the Internet.

WiFi is only WiFi when you aren’t connected by wires, but rather through radio signals. If you’re connected with wires (or an Ethernet cable) it is called Connected Internet.

The way that WiFi connects to your computer, laptop or mobile device, is by a WiFi card, which can either be internal (in newer laptops and computers) or external (which is used in older models).

The further away you are from your router the weaker the signal will be. If your home WiFi signal is weak you can purchase an extender or wireless repeater, which expands your WiFi range.


  • The thickness of your walls.
  • The material your walls are made of.
  • Other WiFi signals on the same radio frequency, for example, baby monitors or microwaves.
  • Certain appliances, for example, refrigerators.
  • Electrical wiring in the walls.
  • Glass windows or panes.
  • The number of users connected to the WiFi and/or router.

Due to the above-mentioned difficulties with WiFi signals, RSAWEB cannot guarantee WiFi speeds, as fibre line speeds are measured while plugged directly into the router via an Ethernet cable.


  • Have your router installed in the room where you use the Internet the most, a central location is best for even Wi-Fi distribution.
  • On installation, you can let the technician know where to place the router. RSAWEB covers up to eight metres from the boundary line, additional charges will apply if you need it further away.
  • If you are live streaming or gaming online, have your smart TV, smart device (Apple TV etc.) or gaming console plugged directly into your router via an Ethernet cable to utilise your complete bandwidth capabilities.
  • A wireless extender or booster will be able to assist in expanding your WiFi range. Range extenders will allocate the weak signal and then amplify the WiFi signal. Powerline extenders work via electrical wiring; one device connects via ethernet and the other can be placed into any socket within the home where the WiFi is needed. Usually used where the signal is non-existent.
  • Your router should not be installed underneath tables or in cupboards and should have a safe, solid platform from which to provide a Wi-Fi signal.
  • Some third-party services, for example, VPN or DNS, could impact the performance of the connection.
  • The quality and strength of your router will determine the strength and range of your WiFi.
  • If some devices are performing better than others, some configuration changes may be required on the router.
  • Older devices (laptops, cell phones, tablets, boosters) may experience a different level of performance to newer devices.


If you are situated in Cape Town, then our installation team will assess your current requirements and then advise whether you need an upgrade (if a router already exists) or just an extender.

Talk to us about getting Fibre to your home. Contact us on 087 470 0010 or email; [email protected]

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