Netflix Launches Its New “Play Something” Feature

By : Christopher Wray | May 06, 2021 | Blog

Netflix Launches Its New “Play Something” Feature

May 06, 2021

Netflix has announced the launch of a new feature that suggests a movie or series to the user with the click of a button! 

Choosing a new movie or series to watch can be a long and arduous process, but you don’t have to suffer any longer! You can now say goodbye to movie nights where no one can agree on what to watch with Netflix’s new “Play Something” feature. When you hit the “Play Something” button, a movie or series will automatically be chosen selected and queued up for you based on what you have watched before. Let’s just hope the Netflix algorithm has been optimised so that we don’t have to waste too much time watching and getting invested in something that we don’t actually end up enjoying 

With enabling the “Play Something” feature you can be recommended 

  • brand-new series or film, 
  • A series or film the users are already watching, 
  • A series or film on the user’s list, or 
  • An unfinished series or film you may want to revisit.

You can find the Play Something feature: 

  • Underneath the profile name, 
  • In the tenth row on the Netflix homepage, 
  • In the navigation menu on the left of the screen 

If you are using screen-readers, Netflix’s ‘Play Something’ feature supports Text-to-Speech (TTS). You can visit the Accessibility help center for more information on how to enable this feature through your TV device settings. 

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