New Domains Available

By : Christopher Wray | March 04, 2015 | Blog

New Domains Available

March 04, 2015

We’ve just boosted our domain offering by adding an additional 39 domain extensions to our search for you to choose from, helping you find the perfect online address for your business or personal website.

With this latest update you’re now going to be able to register domains with us based on geographical location, the 3 currently available locations are:

  • .Capetown
  • .Durban
  • .Joburg

You can find the full list of new domains along with the annual registration and transfer costs below:

New Domains Available - 02

Protect Your Brand

There are some people out there who make a fortune from registering every company domain they can find and then selling it back to the desperate owners for a big profit.

Make sure you’ve planned ahead and registered every domain you might need which should include common misspellings or typos of your domain.

Short and simple domains are going to go first so make sure you book those first. An example of this would be. com’s, where every single possible 4 letter combination has been registered by someone, all 358,800 of them.

Centralized Domain Management

To keep the management, renewals and payment of all your domains simple, we recommend keeping all domains with one provider.

At RSAWEB we have simple to use online tools, giving you full control of your domains and hosting at all times with a team of technical experts just a phone call away to assist you with anything.

Search & Register

To explore register or simply explore our new domains on offer, you can visit our domain search page by clicking here or by logging into MyRSAWEB and ordering the domains from the online control panel.

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