Coming Soon: RSAWEB Cloud goes Real-Time with Scalability

Christopher Wray | August 28, 2014 | Blog

Coming Soon: RSAWEB Cloud goes Real-Time with Scalability

August 28, 2014

Having to reboot your virtual server every time you make changes to your RAM, CPU and disk may take only a moment, but even a minute of downtime could cost you a handful of potential customers. Luckily the recent update to RSAWEB’s Cloud solutions mean that reboots are now a nuisance of the past.


“We’ve made changes to all our Cloud catalogue images that enable customers to resize their newly deployed virtual machine’s RAM, CPU and disk without having to reboot their virtual machine to use the new resources,” says Senior Systems Engineer at RSAWEB, Benjamin Coetzer.


Cloud Computing trio has made life much easier, no question. Instead of downloading tons of software just to get the full benefits of a website or application, companies can set up a virtual server that will allow users to experience excellent online speeds and resources without downloading numerous software.


This is where scalability comes in. Scalability means that you can change the size and speeds of your virtual machine (Cloud server) as required without the costly process of upgrading hardware. In the past, however, RSAWEB clients had to reboot their servers for their changes to take effect, but not anymore.


“Client are able to now scale both vertically and horizontally with no downtime to applications and services running on their virtual machines,” says Coetzer, “Although this update is only applicable to any newly deployed cloud servers currently, our support team is working on an upgrade plan to get existing virtual machines up to the same functionality level, meaning that soon all clients will be able to resize their existing virtual machines without reboots. We’ve also removed the Ubuntu 13.10 cloud image from our list of deployable images as it has reached its end of life support with canonical.”


The Benefits of Cloud Computing


  • Flexibility – With a virtual machine in the Cloud, employees have the comfort to work wherever they can get Internet connectivity. This is an ideal way to save fuel for those that can work from home, not to mention saving money on equipment by implementing a ‘bring your own device’ policy.


  • Scalability – Last minute capacity upgrades waste time and can make you look unprofessional when your server reaches its maximum operational capacity. With Cloud your virtual machine will increase performance and efficiency as needed, without manual upgrades.


  • Affordability – With Cloud Computing you can save thousands on when it comes to setting up technology infrastructure, because you do not need to purchase and maintain expensive hardware on-site, nor do you have to employ an IT specialist for maintenance.


  • Security – By investing in a Cloud solution from a trusted ISP you save money in terms of space and power usage, so should your premises be broken into, your virtual machine will be safe and sound in your ISP’s data centre. Data Centres are kitted with various safety sensors to monitor temperature and humidity, and cameras to supervise at all times, protecting your resources.


Unless you have the time, money and man power to afford it, maintaining the hardware for your own servers are both a waste of money and space. If you are still uncertain about moving to RSAWEB’s Cloud, then try out the FREE 7-day trial for a test drive.

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