RSAWEB makes AWS easier than ever

By : Christopher Wray | May 27, 2019 | Blog

RSAWEB makes AWS easier than ever

May 27, 2019

At RSAWEB we use our skills and expertise to create unique solutions with our various products: cloud, connectivity, security and mobile data services. We understand that our Customers’ businesses are constantly evolving along with the technology stacks that support them. Often the technology evolution enables and drives businesses to change too.  

With this in mind, we joined forces with Amazon Web Services (AWS), in earnest, about a year ago. This partnership enables us to add additional depth to our Cloud offering and incorporate a larger share of the market.  

As a local leader in cloud technology, we’ve been making world-class technology accessible to South African businesses for nearly two decades. We have watched our Virtual Data Centre (VDC) customers mature and evolve their environments from physical on-premise production systems to virtualised production systems incorporating various elements of automation; replicating across both of our regional availability zones. And, with this technical evolution, comes the need for additional features, architectural design changes, performance and resilience improvements – this list goes on. 

Our Team of AWS certified engineers provide a range of specialised system engineering skills, we want to unlock those skills and make them available to our customers. Incorporating Amazon Web Services into our solution offering provides our customers with the additional scope they may require as well as access to our certified engineers.   

Extending our reach of professional services into the AWS environment adds significant value beyond the technology stack, the engineering team is able to consult architecturally, engage on either an adhoc or planned engineering basis and even provide ongoing managed services

Most importantly though, this added addition to our Cloud Services offering provides an additional dimension to the technology road map. We have always been excited to help our customers navigate technology – the available options for cloud computing in the South African market are now quite varied and we want to remain purveyors of the best solutions for you.  

The RSAWEB Partner Program is a key component of our business and the value you bring to us and your end customers is immense. As RSAWEB Partners you are able to deliver AWS services through our partnership with Amazon, leveraging the same services to your end customers. If you would like to join our Partner Program and be part of the RSAWEB Journey, email us at [email protected] or call us on 0874700000 our team is always eager to help. 

If you are interested in finding ways to optimise your production or development environments or would like to discuss architecture, give us a call on 0874700000 or send an email to [email protected] 


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