Speed up and secure your site with Cloudflare and RSAWEB

By : Christopher Wray | May 28, 2019 | Blog

Speed up and secure your site with Cloudflare and RSAWEB

May 28, 2019

A fast and responsive website is essential for any business to succeed; according to a study by Google, 53% of users will leave a site if it takes longer than three seconds to load. But, a fast website is pointless if it isn’t properly protected, this protection often comes at the expense of your load times. RSAWEB, has the solutions you need to keep your website secure without sacrificing speed – which is why we are Cloudflare Partners.

Cloudflare speeds up your site delivery with its global Content Distribution Network (CDN) which caches your content at Cloudflare’s many servers around the globe. The CDN service decreases latency by delivering your cached site content, to users, from the closest geographical server. Content distribution services also ensure incoming traffic is still served content even when your site is under attack.

Speaking of attacks, Cloudflare also provides a solid security solution to mitigate the multitude of inbound threats trying to compromise your website. The ability to rate limit inbound traffic by defining your thresholds for requests helps reduce the impact of attempted DDos attacks; visibility of traffic patterns and being able to block suspicious visitors also goes a long way to helping reduce these security risks.

You can further secure and protect your site with Cloudflare’s WAF Service. A continuously updated, enterprise-class Web Application Firewall (WAF) service; Cloudflare’s WAF detects and mitigates even the most sophisticated attacks that would otherwise degrade the performance and accessibility of your website or compromise your data.

Another benefit of Cloudflare’s global CDN is load balancing. Cloudflare serves your content from the server most capable of providing best performance, usually the closest to the user requesting it. Coupled with device and browser specific content optimisation, Cloudflare keeps your average page load times low and ensures the best possible user experience your site is capable of delivering.

Cloudflare services are delivered by package ranging from Basic, to Business, to Enterprise; each incorporating more and more of the available Cloudflare features, tools and reporting utilities. RSAWEB will help you select the package and add on services you require to access detailed logs and reports; view requests, responsiveness, threats and any domain or account changes. With these insights into everything happening on your site and with visual analytics providing visibility on WAF events, rate limit requests, Argo Smart Routing performance, bandwidth savings, visitor geography, DNS queries, and more; you are more equipped than before to ensure users don’t give up after 3 seconds of interest in your web site.

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