Team RSAWEB Winning the Premier League

Christopher Wray | September 10, 2014 | Blog

Team RSAWEB Winning the Premier League

September 10, 2014

It seems silly comparing a company to a football team but when I really think about it, the similarities are uncanny. I think that this analogy can be utilised for many companies.

Let’s break down what it is that makes a great football team by comparing it to my company, RSAWEB.

Protect the Home Ground…

RSAWEB’s Suppot Team is like the goalkeeper who handles the most pressure in the group, putting themselves on the line, diving all over the place and blocking every shot taken towards the goal. They are always bruised and battered as they protect the RSAWEB brand and products from any incoming complaints and concerns. Their job is to always be on guard, never letting anything get past them.


Offence Sells Tickets, Defence Wins Championships…

Then there are our defenders, the hardworking Product and Installation Teams, tirelessly working to ensure our products are installed and running at all times. These teams take no glory while breaking their shins defending and ensuring that our goal keeper does not stand alone in the great battles of everyday business.


Play with a Plan…

Our midfielders have to be the best of the best as they don’t have the luxury to focus on only one part of the field. They must be able to view and play the whole field. The Project Team must have impeccable passing skills to be able to read the game and find holes in the opposition’s defence for that perfect pass, ensuring that each part of the project is done in the correct way at the correct time.


Focus on Stealth as well as Style…

We also have our skilled wingers. We have the Marketing Team on our left wing, and the Developers on our right. These guys are fast and have fancy footwork ensuring that the RSAWEB brand looks good and our customer portals work smoothly. They use their great speed and skills to keep everyone in awe as they pass all of the opposition’s crossings to the striker to finish.


United We Play, United We Win…

Sales are the tip of the spear, the front line, the striker. They use their fancy footwork to get past a prospective client’s objectives and, at the same time, wait for that perfect moment to strike and score the goal. This is what the Sales Team works on at constant, because the more goals scored the greater the chance of the company winning that premiership trophy at the end of the season.


Out Hustle. Out Play. Outlast…

All of this is not just a player’s game as none of the strategy and co-ordination is done by the players, but rather by the Coaches and Supporting Coaches. This is where Team Managers come in. Without them the teams will have no direction. The Coaches work on strategies and game plans to ensure that we stay ahead of our opposition and maintain a reliable, prominent, brand in the market.


Victory Begins in the Heart…

Then we get the guys watching our entire performance from high in the VIP box; the Team Manager and Club Owner. The HR and Accounts Teams are the ones who manage the buying and selling of players as well as ensuring that everyone is rewarded for their hard work.


Of course, no team will ever be complete without the Supporting Staff. We have the best medics, sports therapists, cleaning staff, and sports doctors to ensure every player on the field is in the best shape and health, allowing us to play our best at all times.


You see, every company’s goal is to be the one that holds the premiership cup as the league winners at the end of the season. This will only be possible if every single person that forms part of the team comes to the game each day and gives their absolute best.


Becoming the winning team and taking the championship league title is what playing for RSAWEB is all about. If you’re interested in joining our team, visit the RSAWEB Careers Page to see what positions we have available, and send us your CV.

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