FIFA World Cup 2018: Stream the action with FTTH

Kaylon Koeries | June 07, 2018 | Blog

FIFA World Cup 2018: Stream the action with FTTH

June 07, 2018

It’s FIFA World Cup time again and we know that you wouldn’t want to miss any of the action! And if you’re anything like us, you’ll want to be prepared so that you can watch all the games. This means you’ll need a high-speed Internet connection so that you’re able to live stream the games, without the worry of buffering or lagging.

The FIFA World Cup only happens every four years and this year all the fun and excitement takes place in Russia from 14 June – 15 July 2018. All the world’s best international teams have gone head to head in a group knockout system that determines which international teams make it to the World Cup.

If you can’t bear to miss out on any of the nail-biting action, then you need super-fast Home Fibre. With our Home Fibre, every one of the 64 games will be available to you seamlessly and effortlessly. Whether it’s centre stage on your 50-inch flat screen or tucked up in bed on your smartphone – with FTTH you’ll have an all-access, uninterrupted pass to the FIFA World Cup 2018 action, even during peak times!


Looking for the best way to get all of FIFA?

Here are some of the best sites we have found for live streaming the FIFA World Cup 2018 or any other live sports:

  • Kwesè Sports is an authority in online sports with the latest updates in all sporting codes and with the FIFA World Cup approaching, each and every game will be streamed in real-time!
  • ESPN Free lets you keep up with your favourite sport anytime, anywhere from your Android phone or tablet or smart TV. ESPN Free will feed all your FIFA World Cup cravings.
  • Live Soccer TV prides itself on the latest soccer updates, so you know that all the FIFA ‘18 soccer magic can be seen here!
  • Hot Star has live online content for days and definitely does not come up short when it comes to sport. Catch all the live FIFA action on this online space.


Why FIFA is better with Fibre

FTTH is for every person who understands the importance of having a reliable Internet connection at home. It is also the preferred option for Internet connectivity, and this is why:

  • Reliable – connects seamlessly even during peak times.
  • Capable – able to carry large amounts of data quickly over a more stable connection.
  • Fast speed – download speeds up to 200Mbps (based on the package you choose).
  • Less interference – fibre optic cables use light to speedily send and receive information without external interferences.

Did you know that with FTTH, multiple devices in and around the home are able to connect to the Internet at the same time? Whether you’re gaming online; downloading files; or streaming sports, movies and series; it can all be done simultaneously without interruption or a noticeable slowdown.


How do I get the fibre connection?

Firstly, you need to check if your area is live and make sure fibre is available at your address.

Once you have established that fibre is available in your area, decide on the best package to suit your needs and apply online or, if you prefer, give us a call on 087 470 0010 and we’ll get you connected.

Happy streaming!

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