Mobile Broadband vs Mobile Data

By : Christopher Wray | September 02, 2015 | Blog

Mobile Broadband vs Mobile Data

September 02, 2015

Changing Internet landscape

In the past few years we’ve seen the Internet landscape change dramatically thanks to some major transatlantic cables coming online and new service providers entering the market. This has positively impacted the market with major price drops for the end-user for both fixed and mobile Internet offerings.

The extra capacity and lower pricing has created a climate for providers like RSAWEB to innovate and build useful products to serve our customers’ unique demands. Following extensive research, our team has developed two great product variations; Mobile Data for business users and Mobile Broadband  for home users.

Here are the main differences between the two products:


Mobile Data

Who is it for?

We recommend this to businesses of any size, as it is the best way to manage mobile workers, and can even be used as an alternative to ADSL. The fast speeds and quick set up times make it a great connection option for anyone.

What are the benefits?

This product is not just a data offering; it comes with a custom-built control panel that enables you to manage every aspect of your users’ data caps, usage and notifications. Here are some of the major features in more detail:

  • Create user accounts with data caps from your larger data bundle and change them as often as you need to with a few clicks.
  • Link any number of SIM cards to a user so they can keep all of their mobile devices connected using a single data account.
  • Pooled data bundles decrease data spend as you only need to buy a bundle based on what you typically use and not the total of what is assigned to each user. As we know, not everyone uses all their data per month and you shouldn’t have to pay for all of the data if you have multiple users.
  • Set up email and SMS notifications so that your users don’t suddenly get capped and lose access.
  • Group users into categories/departments to track data usage and costs across different business segments – great for cost allocating.
  • Generate reports per user or per SIM and quickly see who is using the most data.


How will I be billed?

There are two things that we bill for:

Data Bundle – Contracted data bundle that you will use to divide up among your users. This is a consulted service – you can chat to our team to define a price per GB based on your volume requirements.

SIM Cards – SIM cards are charged at R15 per SIM card per month, and as many as are needed can be added.

Should you exceed your monthly data bundle by over-allocating data to your users, you will be charged a flat rate per GB once your bundle is depleted. This can be avoided by controlling how much data is allocated across all of your users.

Devices and SIMs can be ordered upon request and delivered to your doorstep free of charge.




Mobile Broadband

Who is it for?

This is a more traditional Internet package, aimed at those who simply need one SIM card to connect to the Internet with a month-to-month data cap, much like our ADSL packages.

The major difference is that the speed of Mobile Broadband is faster than your average ADSL connection (up to 45Mbps) – provided that you are located near a major city area – so this is a great solution if you are not a heavy downloader and are able to keep your data usage under the 20GB mark.


What are the benefits?

Much like with our Mobile Data product, we offer you a simplified online control panel to manage your data caps and SIMs with.

Other benefits include:

  • A flexible month-to-month (no contract) Mobile Broadband connection.
  • High speed Internet connection, up to 45Mbps across South Africa.
  • One standard, micro or nano SIM card delivered to your doorstep free of charge.
  • Access to our online control panel to see your usage, set up notifications and top up your data cap.
  • The option to purchase a device from our wide range of options.
  • 24/7 technical support should you need any assistance.


How will I be billed?

We keep it simple. Your service is not contracted and is month-to-month, so if you need more or less bandwidth you can update your cap online without having to call or email us.

When deciding if Mobile Broadband is right for you, we recommend that you consider the cost savings when not having to pay Telkom for a telephone line or ADSL line – which can cost you close to R600 per month, without any data cap being considered. This also means a much more stable connection, as you don’t have to be concerned with poor or damaged copper lines.

If you would like to enquire about either of our Mobile Internet products you can give our sales team a call on 087 470 0000 or drop us an email at [email protected] and we will call you.




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