Things you need to know about Mobile Broadband

By : Christopher Wray | August 25, 2015 | Blog

Things you need to know about Mobile Broadband

August 25, 2015

Here at RSAWEB we are thrilled to be bringing you an exciting new product. Mobile Broadband is our personal mobile connectivity product that enables you to connect to the Internet wherever you are, allowing you the freedom and flexibility of browsing during load-shedding, while you are at a coffee shop or even at the beach or on holiday!



Here are our top six facts you need to know about Mobile Broadband:

1.  It’s easy to set up: Once you have signed up we will deliver a pre-configured device to your door within three to five working days.

2.  It’s fast: Our Mobile Broadband offers 3G and LTE technology with speeds of up to 45Mbps ensuring high speed wireless Internet wherever you are.

3.  You can connect just about anywhere: Backed by MTN you can be sure of a fast and high quality connection with nationwide coverage including all major cities, towns and almost all National roads.

4.  It’s cheap: With our flexible packages you can choose from a 1 GB to a 20GB account, ranging from R58 per month to R997 per month. In fact, Mobile Broadband is the cheapest standalone service available – you don’t have to buy an additional bolt on promotion to get great rates!

5.   It’s easy to top up: Our easy to use online control panel makes logging in and topping up quick and easy – plus it is affordable at a flat rate of R99 per GB.


6.  No scary bills: Mobile Broadband is a month-to-month pre-paid service allowing you to upgrade or downgrade quickly and easily, as and when you need to. We also don’t bind you to a long term contract, enabling you to cancel on the 25th of the month.



We also offer a Mobile Data product for business, enabling you to take control of your staff’s SIM card and mobile data requirements with our easy to use online management tool.


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