Why and how to upgrade your Fibre speed with RSAWEB

By : Christopher Wray | April 07, 2021 | Blog

Why and how to upgrade your Fibre speed with RSAWEB

April 07, 2021

These days, we rely on being online more than ever beforeWe have more devices connected to the internet in our homes, more people (roommates or family members) needing to fulfil their online streaming, gaming and entertainment needs, and we are now finding it imperative that we’re able to send and receive large work files to meet our tight deadlines for work. To stay on top of these new needs, we need to make sure that we have fast enough Fibre packages – it might just be the perfect time to upgrade your Fibre speeds! 

Upgrade your fibre speed with RSAWEB here: https://www.rsaweb.co.za/upgrade-fibre-package-ftth/

Why to upgrade your Fibre speed 

With faster internet speeds, life becomes that much easier to handle. With faster Fibre speeds we can: 

  • Upgrading is more affordable than you think. Depending on what Fibre bundle you currently have and what FNO you are with, upgrading your speeds can cost from as little as R60 extra per month!  
  • Work from home more effectively. With faster upload and download speeds, we can download important work files faster, upload and store assets to our company’s cloud environment in seconds, and even ensure that video calls happen without a hitch and that the call quality is in high definition. 
  • Easily fulfill your children’s online learning and homeschooling needs. Just like how we need faster internet to work better from our new home offices, our children need it to keep up with their studies. With faster internet speeds they can easily submit homework assignments without slow upload issues getting in their way, as well as partake in crystal-clear Zoom lectures without missing a single word because of video lag. 
  • Stream our favourite music and TV shows without any issues. With faster internet and an upgraded online experience, we can stream our favourite shows online without any stuttering or buffering.  
  • Game online without lag. Gamers, with faster Fibre speeds you can game to the best of your ability – without any lag, high ping spikes or frustrating rubberbanding issues. Also, now you can eradicate the excuses every time you get ganked bot or sent to the gulag – because once you upgrade your speeds it won’t be lags fault anymore! 


How to upgrade your Fibre Speed 

So, does an upgraded, faster and more reliable online experience sound like something you’d be interested in? If you would like to upgrade your existing Fibre speeds, please email [email protected]  – and one of our experts will get back to you and help you get your line upgraded! 

You can also request an upgrade here: https://www.rsaweb.co.za/upgrade-fibre-package-ftth

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