Why choose Enterprise Cloud

By : Christopher Wray | October 15, 2015 | Blog

Why choose Enterprise Cloud

October 15, 2015

It’s understandable that there is a somewhat distrustful attitude towards Cloud hosting within the South African technology industry. This level of distrust is, to an extent, expected due to the fact that with many Cloud hosting platforms you have little to no direct control over the system and the critical workloads of your business lie in an outside resource’s hands.

Concerns over performance and visibility

It is true that visibility into Cloud environments is usually minimal, which tends to exacerbate levels of anxiety within a business, while at the same time raising concerns about a system’s performance and how it is affected by other workloads in the Cloud environment.

The concern over lack of visibility is perhaps most intensely felt in the context of resource hungry applications such as databases, which are sensitive to the continuous availability of compute and storage performance. A bottleneck is often experienced in resource-intensive systems’ storage as the system itself is unable to keep up with the demands placed on its environment.



High IOPS levels

Sustained storage performance, measured in data throughput, commonly referred to as ‘IOPS’, (input/output per second) is the key to preventing these bottlenecks and improving the functionality of a system as a whole. Due to the constant stream of data being read and written from storage to memory and to processor, sustained high IOPS levels are required for databases to perform optimally.


Need for a new environment

With the increase in connectivity speeds leading to an uptake in the use of Cloud hosting, it is vital for us as an industry to overcome the inherent distrust in Cloud hosting. In order to do this, a secure, logically isolated, private environment is required that is resourced with compute RAM and fast reliable storage.



Introducing Enterprise Cloud

Introducing Enterprise Cloud (Virtual Data Centre)with SolidFire storage from RSAWEB.

Enterprise Cloud(VDC) is built on the VMWare virtualisation stack, an industry-leading technology trusted by service providers and companies worldwide. Enterprise Cloud makes use of the Virtual Data Centre in VMWare’s vCloud Director stack to isolate private networks using VxLANs.

To add to this, Enterprise Cloud(VDC) makes use of SolidFire storage which is designed with a highly fault-tolerant modular architecture to protect against any kind of hardware failure, with guaranteed sustained IOPS in the thousands ensuring performance and continuity is maintained and guaranteed.


Why choose Enterprise Cloud?

Aside from the details listed above, disk intensive applications such as large Microsoft Exchange clusters or databases such as SQL thrive on the almost limitless IOPS delivered by the Enterprise Cloud (VDC) platform.

The flexibility of the system also enables you to increase performance on demand and decrease at will. Websites, web applications such as SharePoint or online accounting packages are all guaranteed to have their performance boosted by the superior functionality of the system, ultimately leading to noticeable increases in productivity across your company.


Enterprise Cloud will change the way your business functions by:

• Reducing anxiety in the business by providing visibility of resources

• Giving you full control with the ability to increase or decrease performance requirements as needed

• Providing a logically isolated private environment

• Providing a secure, modular architecture to protect against any kind of hardware failure

• Providing fast reliable storage

• Guaranteeing sustained IOPS

• Speeding up most disk-intensive applications

We are confident that any application struggling under load can be perked up with our Enterprise Cloud SolidFire solid state storage. If you would like to know more or would like to schedule a demonstration, contact our sales team today by email [email protected] email or call us on 087 470 0000.


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