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We’re really proud to announce that the awesome Stuart Marais is now part of Team RSAWEB!

Stuart has been an dual / triathlete since the tender age of 8 years old – and since then has carved a highly successful career in the Sport. Stuart came second in the Total Sports Trialthlon, and ranked in the top in 20 in The ABSA Cape Epic.  Stuart is now one of South Africa’s best and most highly respected Multi Sport Athletes with a very bright future ahead of him.  In this interview, we catch up with him and chat to him about his past in the sport – and his BIG year ahead.

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How did you start your career in this Sport? 

SM: I have always been involved in multi sport – for the last few years I focused on mountain biking  (Marais – burst onto the mountain biking scene with a top 20 placing in the 2010 ABSA Cape Epic) In January I decided to give the Multi Sport Challenge a try. (Stuart came 2nd overall – an amazing win for a first attempt!) For more about Stuart – check out his website.

RSAWEB: Do you come from a really active / sporty family

SM: Yes, my whole family are involved in sports – running and biking – I grew up on a farm in the Eastern Cape– and was always very sporty from a young age – from running with my dogs to climbing mountains.

RSAWEB: What do you do when you’re not competing? What is your ‘day job’

SM: I am now doing full time Xterra training and preparation – when I am not doing that I enjoy relaxing with my beautiful wife.

RSAWEB What do you think gives you your competitive edge?

SM: I’d say I’m just really very competitive by nature – others probably have more talent than me, but I really have a will to win and succeed.

RSAWEB: What do you think about joining team RSAWEB?

SM: Very excited about RSAWEB – I really believe in surrounding yourself with people who are passionate about sport – and to surround yourself with brands that represent you best. I think it’s great to be involved with such passionate people and sponsors.

RSAWEB: What big races do you have coming up?

SM:  I have a busy few months ahead – this weekend I am off for the Total Sports Xterra Knysna  then after that I am in full time preparation for Europe – Xterra Czechoslovakia, Xterra Germany and then back to SA for the Otter Trail Run later this year. It’s a busy time!

RSAWEB: What athletes in the same field as you do you respect most?

SM: I really have a lot of respect for Dan Hugo and Conrad Stoltz in terms of PR and interest they generate for the sport and for their competitive nature.


Thanks to Stuart for the interview, and all the best for Knysna this weekend!

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We’re thrilled to announce that Renay Groustra , from Team RSAWEB has come in 1st at the National XCO Cup Series! Renay gave us a first hand account of his blistering win at World’s View in Pietermartizburg!


After a 7 year absence from the National series, Worlds View once again played host to some of the top mountain bikers in South Africa in what would be the final race out of 4 in the National SA XCO Cup Series.

The track, very a-typical of Worlds View, didn’t feature a lot of climbing or technical difficulty, but rather made up for it with very twisty and undulating single track through the forest, with high speed sections of jeep track in between.

The fact that some of our best riders were in Canada competing in the World Cup on the same day didn’t mean that the field was weak, with big names such as Oliver Munnik, Brandon Stewart, Arno du Toit, Sean Craig Silver and new boy on the block Jason Meaton – it just goes to show the great state that SA mountain biking is in!

As expected the start was fast, and immediately Arno du Toit showed me that he was going to be my strongest opposition for the day.  I set a hard pace on the front to stretch the field, and on such a flat track the gaps were never big. Arno and I switched the lead a few times throughout the race to help with the pacing. We both had our digs at each other to try and get a gap, but neither of us were giving an inch. I could tell that this was going to be a cat and mouse game!

It was halfway through our 4th lap of 6 that I put in a huge effort, and looking over my shoulder I was half expecting to see him there still. He wasn’t, and had given me a few meters at that moment I applied more and more pressure and managed to open up a gap of a few seconds, which is all you need on a track like this, and barring a mistake I could possibly hold on for the win!

I kept my head down, and focused on not over doing  it on the corners for the next few laps and managed to avoid any mistakes. By the end I had managed to stretch the lead to about 1 minute and took my first victory of the season!

This win was special to me as it also tied up my overall victory in the SA XCO Cup Series, a title that has eluded me since winning it in 2007 and 2008 as an U23 rider.

This was my first Elite title and it felt great!

Thanks to RSAWEB for their support through the season and enabling me to achieve, and to Rocky Mountain for the fantastic piece of machinery that carried me across the finish line in 1st place!


Now the focus is all towards SA Champs happening in Nelspruit in a month’s time on one of my favourite courses. Watch this space!

Thanks to Renay for the write up and congrats on a huge win! Follow Renay and TeamRSAWEB for more updates.

Check out the SA National Cup Series results/ leader-board here!

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Thanks to the awesome Carl Pasio for his write up on Xterra Italy below! For more from Carl – check out his blog here! 

I had entered and planned Xterra Sardinia months ago and it was to be my first race in Europe, as it kicked off the European Xterra series. Sardinia is an island situated off the South West coast of Italy.  I had planned to meet friend and fellow athlete Stuart Marais on the island. Although training had not been going 100% according to plan over the past 5 weeks, I decided to see how my body would respond to some intense racing. I had raced the race back in 2010 and knew exactly what to expect. With 25 pro men on the start line and a world class field, the pace was bound to be fast and explosive.


I exited the first transition in 4th place and after just two kilometers on the bike, I suffered a mechanical blow. My rear derailleur had managed to bend upwards and jam the chain. In the time it took me to free my chain and fix the rear derailleur, six athletes had passed me and I was suddenly in 11th position.

From here on in the race, I could just not recover and found myself fighting the bike for the remaining 30km. I entered transition 2 with a group of four and knew the race was over for me.


The swim went really well for me, I swam within my comfort zone and never felt under pressure throughout the two 750m swim laps. The crystal clear and mirror like water made for a quick swim and I managed to exit the water in the 4th position, just over a minute behind the three leaders.

The run was a beautiful 2 lap circuit of 5 kilometers. We crossed open river mouths on suspended bridges and ran on long stretches of soft beach sand. I was happy to finish the race considering the complications in the build up to the race.

Racing at the top level in the world is never easy and you need everything to go well in order to pull off that great result.

Fellow South African’s Stuart Marais had a magical performance and finished just outside the podium in 4th position, while Carla van Huyssteen had a bad fall on the bike leg but still managed to finish in a respectable 8th position.

My next race that I will be aiming for is Xterra France in 4 weeks time! Onwards and upwards!!

Thanks Carl – for more on Team RSAWEB – check out our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter!


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Renay Groustra from our Team RSAWEB Cycle team gives us some insight into his race from the 3rd round of the National XC Series at the Hayterdale Trails in Zuurburg, Eastern Cape last weekend, where the cycle elite in SA assembled to battle it out.

Over the past weekend, the top riders assembled at the Hayterdale trails for the 3rd round of the National XC series.

To be honest I was very surprised at the great condition of the track – the  organisers had been preparing for us over the last few months which was great. The track had many challenges and obstacles:  there was steep climbing, steep technical downhills with drop offs,  as well as a fast flowing singletrack through the thick bush that surrounds the area below the Zuurberg pass.

A few of the big names in SA cycling such as Philip Buys and Burry Stander were absent from the race since they were overseas, but the level was still very competitive with riders such as Luke Roberts, Oliver Munnik and Gert Heyns to contend with. Being the number 1 ranked rider at the event, I was very eager to assert that ranking at this race. It has been a couple years since I last took a national win.

The race kicked off at a fast pace, and after testing the field with a small attack, it all pretty much came together towards the end of the lap on the long piece of singletrack towards the end. The other competitors were really pushing the limits on the singletrack!

It was in the 2nd lap of 6 that 3 of us rode clear of the field (Gert Heyns, Luke Roberts(RECM) and myself) We changed leads over the next few laps until it was just Luke and myself left setting the pace up front where I was poised to make my move – on the 5th lap I attacked Luke and put some distance between us.

I pushed the pace hard on the singletrack, to solidify my lead but the next I thing I know I was standing on the side of the track trying to figure out why my rear wheel won’t turn in the frame! Both the rear wheel and the cassette seemed to have jammed up.  I couldn’t figure the problem out, and when Luke came flying past I jumped back on in hot pursuit.

The wheel seemed a lot better, but I could still feel it rubbing quite badly, and chasing a guy like Luke Roberts with a rubbing discs is mission impossible. I tried to consolidate, but lost heart towards the end and let another u23 rider squeeze past in the final straight. For me, coming anything less than  1st at this race is as good as last.

The only up side was that, despite  losing out on the Pro –Elite win, I still managed to win the overall elite category by over two minutes! It was really great to stand on top of the podium once again ahead of great riders like Oliver Munnik.


Thanks for the write up Renay!

To keep an eye on all things Team RSAWEB – check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

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Super DSL, Business DSL and Direct DSL  users will be pleased to hear that we’ve just rolled out a new service to MyRSAWEB which will make life far easier when it comes to accessing more data – so the next time you’re half way through your favorite video on YouTube you won’t have to worry about getting capped.

We appreciate that it’s a little annoying for you to have to call us or access MyRSAWEB each and every time you wish to top up your account. To help with this we have developed a new feature called ‘Automated top ups’– you can now use the ‘automated top up setting’ which will conveniently automatically allocate a set amount of data to your account when it becomes capped – you can choose how many times per month to allow this, and the data amount too.

So for example, say usually 5 GB’s is enough for you, but just to be safe, you can use auto top up to add an extra 1 GB twice per month, just to keep you connected. It’s that simple – you can change these settings anytime you like too.  For convenience sake – if you meet the automated top up limit (i.e – the last data top up for that month), you will receive a notification via SMS or email to let you know that there are more automated top up’s available.


To activate this service, go to MyRSAWEB  > Broadband > Manage Broadband > Top Up

We think this new service will be really useful, however, as always, if you have any feedback – please let us know by emailing us at [email protected] or click on the ‘Feedback’ button on the bottom of my MyRSAWEB homepage.

We should also point out that if you feel like you never have quite enough data for your browsing requirements, upgrading is simple, just go to ‘Manage / Upgrade’ Broadband, and click ‘Upgrade’ and we’ll manage the rest for you. 

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Renay Groustra from our Team RSAWEB Cycle team gives us some insight into his race from the National XCO in Fountains Valley, Pretoria last Saturday, where the cream of the cycle elite in SA assembled to battle it out. We’re pleased to say he came 3rd – an amazing accomplishment!

Saturday the 14th marked the 2nd round of the National XCO series at Fountain Valley in Pretoria. Having raced there many times before, I knew exactly what to expect. As usual I was greeted by a tight and twisty course that winds itself along the river with too many corners to count, and only about 80m elevation per lap. This was definitely going to be a race of concentration and daringness.

Seeded 3rd on the line ensured that I got a good position into the first singletrack of our 7 lap race. Philip Buys of Team Contego charged off the front on his home course at a pace that no one could match, while small chase group of 4 formed. Marc Bassingthwaight of Namibia was the next rider fto get off the front, riding at a hard and steady pace. I decided that it would be wise to back off a little as the altitude was beginning to hurt me. This proved a wise decision, as taking it slightly easy for a lap or so meant that I was able to open up at full tilt to drop my other chase group companions and ride the remaining few laps by myself. Riding by yourself on this course is probably key to having a good race as it means you are not pressured into making mistakes on some of the sketchy corners, and you are not forced into riding in the same style as the other riders.

Before I knew it I had crossed the line in 3rd place, 2 mins behind Mark, and 3 behind winner Philip Buys, and over a minute ahead of my nearest chaser. I was really happy with the result. The way I felt out there shows that the Cape Epic definitely did my form a lot of good, and it was great to see that I am almost fully recovered from the 8 day effort.

Next up on the calendar is the Karkloof Classic in Howick, followed by African Continental Champs in Mauritius!

Thanks for the awesome write up, Renay!

To keep an eye on all things Team RSAWEB – check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

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Our first ever Cloud Breakfast event went off without a hitch this morning, when our guests, Cape Town’s IT elite, gathered at Knead, Kloof Lifestyle centre to mingle and chat tech over some much needed hot coffee and cooked breakfasts. A presentation by our very own, Mark Slingsby followed – on all things Cloud and how our server solutions can make life easier for your business. Afterwards,  the RSAWEB team and our guests chatted business and networked the morning away, whilst being very well looked after by the lovely folks at Knead.

Thanks to all those who attended and for the awesome turnout. Since you all enjoyed the breakfast meet-up so much we will be hosting a few more this year, so see you all again in the very near future. Follow us on Twitter for more on all things RSAWEB including our events, like this one below!

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Here at RSAWEB we’re all about making life simpler by using the newest technology available– which is why we love Cloud servers! (Have we told you about our awesome version 2? See more here)

Although there is still absolutely a place for traditional dedicated servers in some businesses (and we still love to sell them to the clients who need them– have a look at ours here) we really think it’s time more people were aware of some of the benefits of switching to Cloud servers.

In this article we’ll point out some of the day to day limitations of using traditional dedicated, and how making the switch to Cloud could save you time, money and resources.

Some things you perhaps didn’t know about using traditional Servers:

  • High Capital Expenditure Costs – All the actual hardware can cost a lot of money, by using virtualised machines in the Cloud, this cost is removed. This allows for organisations to focus on Operational Expenditure rather than Capital Expenditure. It also allows for lower cost of ownership of IT than before, now, more organisations can use the services afforded by competitive Cloud suppliers. We think any technology that allows businesses of all sizes to have great IT is a winner!
  • They tend to have high power consumption – when compared to the Cloud, energy efficiency is really a buzz word in IT these days, it’s widely known that by switching from traditional servers to cloud servers, you save on power. Green and powerful means better business! What’s more – Cloud servers utilise dynamic resource allocation (Cloud Orchestration) which means power is only used when it’s really needed.
  • There can be very high maintenance costs associated with the upkeep of traditional servers – Gartner estimates that IT maintenance accounts for roughly 80% of all IT expenditure. Traditional servers can require daily maintenance by IT professionals, meaning that your IT work force have to spend their time on day to day maintenance work which adds little strategic or operational value to your organisation. By switching to Cloud, our Cloud Experts take care of this.
  • There is also the factor of the actual floor space required for traditional, large servers. With Cloud, all of your virtualised servers are stored off – site, allowing you to maximise the utilisation of your office space
  • There is also an element of risk associated with having large servers in house – not just in housing all of the data in one place with little built in redundancy, but also in the risk of a break in. With Cloud, all information is stored in state of the art data centres, with 24 hour security.

Now here are some key reasons why your business should switch to Cloud today to see the savings that can be made!

  1. Set-up can be done quickly and simply – and online!
  2. No need to buy expensive hardware.
  3. We can develop custom specs to suit your business needs perfectly – no matter the size of your business.
  4. Cloud is instantly scalable – having a busy period? You can add more space in seconds. Need to cut back? you can scale back down, all from your user-friendly online control portal.
  5. Use up to 90% less power with RSAWEB True Cloud Servers through efficient resource utilisation.

Want to try out our free trial? Click here and we’ll get an Account Manager to call you and discuss why Cloud is the right fit for you.

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We’re pleased to announce that we’re one of the sponsors of an awesome initiative called #CloseTheTap – from the people at for love of water.

This online campaign, launched yesterday – 22nd March (UN”s World Water Day) encourages users to be aware of the water wastage associated with everyday scenarios, such as ordering that extra cup of coffee you don’t really need.  The slick, socially optimised site warns users of the things we do everyday that wastes precious  water, and prompts us to be more water-aware in our every day actions, such as the tongue-in-cheek pledge  ‘showering with a sexy someone’.

The campaign #CloseTheTap is essentially a digital initiative inspiring real world action – visit the site www.closethetap.co.za choose a water saving pledge, and share it via your social media channels.  We’re involved by sponsoring the live streaming of the ‘FlowCam’ which monitores twitter, and with every tweet, tightens the tap slightly – with the end goal of closing the tap completely with 10,000 tweets . (Pretty clever stuff!)  Note: the water used is in a closed system, re-cycling all of the water used – so no worries there!

The campaign anatomy was developed by the good folks and clever minds over at NATIVE, one of South Africa’s leading digital agencies, who are also one of our enterprise hosting clients. The campaign has been an overnight success – with over 1,600 tweets already! If you want to get involved you can do so by visiting the site and making your pledge or following the guys on twitter.

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Isn’t it great getting something awesome for nothing?

Everyone loves freebies – that’s why we let our customers try out our 7 day obligation free Cloud Hosting packages for 7 days for absolutely nothing! Adding more awesome to this already great deal – we’ve also just improved what you can get when you take us up on our cloud trial offer.Below, see the upgrades we’ve made to the Cloud trial offer.  FYI: – this is a limited period only! (So sign up…now!)

The new trial product is identical to the actual cloud server you’ll get if you sign up with us – and the value of the 7 day free trial is R995* If this sounds good to you – simply visit our site or click here – and chat to a consultant to sign up for a free trial – we won’t take any billing information from you, and there is absolutely no commitment to sign up permanently.

Cloud Trial Terms and Conditions: …( yes, we know… there’s always those pesky T’s and C’s in life)

  1. You can only sign up once for the free trial, and we track your IP, so we’ll know if you sign up more than once.
  2. If you really like it, we can re-activate you for a new trial

As always, if you have any feedback on how we could improve our offer, please drop us a line at:[email protected]

(*based on the operating system selected and taking the server for a full month)

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